Paula's Purple Rice

More Energy, Less Pain, Revitalized Living with Micronized Purple Rice

Micronized Purple Rice

Micronized Purple Rice is a natural wellness food product made from an heirloom strain of purple rice grown in a pristine Thailand valley where there are no GMOs or pesticides. It is picked and carried out by hand, so no trucks are out there polluting the fields. This purple rice is also known as “forbidden rice,” because it was once to be eaten only by Thai emperors. It takes 60 pounds of this rice to make one pound of Micronized Purple Rice. The most nutritious part of the grain is milled down (on a one-of-a-kind $3 million milling machine) to the size of a micron. This small size allows the polyphenols, polysaccharides, amino acids and antioxidants to penetrate our cell walls and light up the ATP energy in our mitochondria. Our energized ATP is then able to repair and revitalize cells throughout our bodies. (What does that mean? Read About Purple Rice)

Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice goes to work in our bodies wherever our own bodies “decide” it is needed most. (What has it done for me? Read my story) This pure, vegan food is a great tool for recharging, renewing and revitalizing your body.