Our Purple Rice Miracle~Pain Almost Zero ~ Energy and “Romance” Through the Roof!

015Like anyone else, I want to take care of my body. I want to enjoy living an active life, doing the things I love —having fun with my husband, traveling,  exercising, completing household and outdoor projects, writing and editing for my business, and… a big one: playing with our grandkids and being able to babysit them when needed. And when I and my husband babysit, we don’t just want to “sit”. We want our “inner child” to come out and play!

However, in recent years, chronic joint pain, arthritis, fatigue and mental depression were all making my goal of enjoying life more of a struggle. I’ve always been a fan of alternative medicines, and have seen some limited to fairly good results with various homeopathic remedies and supplements, but all the combined symptoms of aging were still taking a toll on my body. When I heard about Micronized Purple Rice, I did some research and finally tried it… and Oh My Goodness, did I see results!!

After only EIGHT WEEKS on my journey to health with Micronized Purple Rice — I had almost no arthritis pain in my thumbs, only minor stiffness. My knees don’t creak and hurt anymore, and I have only occasional back and neck pain; and not the unbearable kind, as it used to be. And that pain only flares up when I overdo it because I feel 20 years younger and forget I’m not invincible! But even if I over do things or injure myself, I’ve discovered another benefit of Paula’s Purple Rice:  my recovery time is cut in half. (I’ve also heard this report from even younger, more athletic people: muscle recovery time is so much quicker!) And this is all a big deal for me because I want to have the energy and strength to do the things I love.

Not long after starting Micronized Purple Rice, I experienced an unexpected benefit, when one day, while washing my hair I noticed that the number of hairs in my hand when rinsing was only about 1/4 as much as before starting micronized purple rice! So essentially my hair has stopped thinning and is thicker and softer than it has been in years. My skin also has improved and feels like silk.  My brain is sharper, clearer and I feel like I’ve come out of a fog. All of these things happened after only few months of eating the purple rice. At 60 years old, I went from sitting and crying in frustration and pain, hoping to enjoy a long and productive life, but wondering if the future years would be filled with too much chronic pain to do so … to now hopping out of bed, mostly pain-free and looking forward to each and every day!

20161016_004613081_iosMy husband was skeptical at first, thinking this was just another weird “health kick” I was on, but after he saw how my energy was renewed and my pain was lessened, he tried it too and is now getting many of the same results! His gray hair is growing in darker and his skin is smoother. Without chronic pain and stiffness, he can can walk on his hands again (at 63 yrs!) with no wrist, hand, finger pain or back muscle spasms. hand-walking

He works in the yard and can do pull-ups on a bar almost as well as when he was in high school. A little more consistent practice and he just might reach that goal! He plays the piano more dexterously than he’s been able to in years.

And although we’ve always been in love, and quite romantic, we now feel, and behave, 13613644_556626027871352_2076283928989137318_oeven more like young lovers! 😉

UPDATE: I’m trying to be delicate here…. After ONE YEAR of Paula’s Purple Rice the “Romance” is “Through the Roof”! No “little blue pill” needed here. 😀


We are so happy with our health improvements that we want to share this wonderful superfood with everyone we know, young and old, because there is nothing else that we know of, or have tried, that has ever given us the kind of noticeable, measurable results that we have gotten from Paula’s Purple Rice!

If you want to learn more about this amazing anti-aging product, visit my Products Page, connect with me on Facebook, or Contact Me on this website. You might also want to join my private group:  The Villages & Paula’s Purple Rice

I am an Independent Business Owner and can get a shipment of Micronized Purple Rice sent to you this week!

Have a blessed day!




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