The Numbers Are In!

On Facebook, Linda S. posts about her Purple Rice Experience and WOW. I’ve seen great results, but I am still hoping to see some of the improvements Linda has gotten from eating Micronized Purple Rice. I love that she has the blood test numbers to prove that she is getting healthier too. Not just, “well, I feel better…” Although if something does make you feel better, hooray, but I for one like to know why.

“Great news on my blood test. In a 3 month period that included two major eating holidays my triglycerides dropped from 311 to 198 while my HDL (good kind) went up. So my ratio went from 5.7 to 4.5. So exciting! I only started eating the full 3 tsp. a day at the first of Dec. I did notice minor aches and pains in joints going away and sleeping better right away. My sugar and wheat cravings went away at the end of Dec. and so for the first time was really able to kick the soda habit of a lifetime. Without dieting am slowly dropping weight. Imagine how all of this will accelerate when I add exercise to the mix….finally feeling the energy to do that. Not to be indelicate am having first normal bowel movements in my37761341 life.

Since I have one functioning kidney we watch the GFR (Glomenular Filtration Rate) pretty closely and there has been a 6 point improvement in that in the same three months.

If you are slow to see results hang in there. As others have stressed, your body is utilizing this powerful nutrient in the best way possible for YOU so comparisons to others are impossible. Although I knew my body was experiencing tremendous improvement it is always great to have some test data to document the process. In case you feel that you are too old to see miraculous results, let me say that for me soon to be 72 is not too late!!” ~Linda S.

So happy for Linda and praying for patience to see my own health make further leaps and bounds.



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