Does Purple Rice Help Pets?

One of the questions I am often asked is, “Can I give this to my dog/cat?” The answer is yes, unless there is some reason your pet should not eat rice. Micronized Purple Rice is just as good for our furry friends as it is for our bodies, so especially if you have an older or health compromised animal, you may want to give your pets the benefits of this rejuvenating superfood.

Suzen F. writes on Facebook:

suzen f“My little Maltese Annie, 13 year old bundle of love, has been eating the purple rice twice a day for 10 months. I just sprinkle it on her food each time she eats. She had low energy when I started, never wanted to go for a walk, didn’t play with her toys. AND she was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May 2015. The doc gave her 6 months…Now, 8 months later, she looks better and definitely feels better! She runs to the door to go for a walk, has torn the legs off her stuffed animal from playing self fetch and throwing it around…and, last week, she decided to bury a bone!! She is a Maltese for crying out loud!! Below is a photo of her after I found and trashed the bone…(not a real bone) a little guilty and dirty, but happy! Oh, and even though the vet says she still has bladder cancer, it is NO worse than 8 months ago! Thank You Amazing Purple Rice!!

I am hoping for positive results also for my own “grandpuppy”, Bailey. She is a 13 year old runt Cocker Spaniel and the snuggliest little creature! She has an inoperable cancerous tumor, in addition to arthritis and cataracts. The medicines the vet recommended haven’t seemed to check the tumor’s growth and required constant supplementary medication for side effects. My daughter and son-in-law started giving Bailey purple rice 3 months ago and they have already been able to take her off the medications for acid reflux and inflammation. She is moving around better and has more energy, but still hasn’t regained her usual bounce. I am hoping that with some time, the Micronized Purple Rice will not only help Bailey feel better, but may reverse some of her health conditions too!

UPDATE on BAILEY:  Rebekah M (Bailey’s human 😀 ) It has to be helping my elderly runt Cocker Spaniel dog — Bailey is 14, nearly blind and has inoperable but non-invasive cancer. I’ve been giving her purple rice for about 6 months. Yesterday she jumped the 4ft. gate because she wanted on the deck. She hasn’t done that in some time! Hopefully she continues to age painlessly and healthily.

Monica D writes:

My daughter’s 10 yr old pure bred Huskadore (Mom’s a pure bred lab and dad a pure bred Husky) was playing in the front yard with his buddy Bear. All of a sudden my daughter heard poor Henry yelp in pain! She ran outside and Henry was lying on the ground with Bear at his side. Henry tried to get up but the poor guy kept yelping in pain. They took him to the vet and found out he could have a costly surgery or a prescription for some pain meds. They took Henry home where for the next few weeks he barely ate as it was too painful to get to his food. I brought over a jar of Purple Rice. My daughter called about 2-3 weeks later – the whole neighborhood was in amazement- Henry was back on daily walks and running around with my grandson like he was a puppy again!! Both Henry and my grandson are a happy twosome once again!! His buddy Bear is happy too!!!


Emma B. writes:



“Here are my two kitties. The one on the left is 15 years old (kitty boo), and the one on the right is almost 12 (Punkin) my Kitty Boo is a diabetic kitty, diagnosed over 2 years ago. He had been a 22 pound kitty that had lost down to 9 lbs. He was looking pretty bad. His sugars were out of control, bouncing all over the place. About a year ago, I started giving him the same Micronized Purple Rice Powder that I have been taking and immediately he started improving! His coat is now thick, his eyes are shiny and he even is back playing like a much younger kitty. I can’t believe how much he has improved. This morning I checked his thirty day average blood sugars and it was 91. PERFECT! He is on insulin still, but barely a drop twice a day. He is such a special kitty. He actually jumps up on my lap and meows when it is time for his blood sugar test. He sits and patiently awaits his testing and his food and his injection. If I get side tracked and forget his shot, he will come to me and meow reminding me I forgot.

How much should I give my pet?

The company recommends 1/4 teaspoon daily per 20 pounds of body weight. It’s fine to mix the powder into their food or water if your fur-baby doesn’t like to take capsules.

Weight of Animal  •  Amount in Teaspoons Daily

Up to 20 lbs.    •    1/4 tsp.
21-40 lbs.    •    1/2 tsp.
41-80 lbs.    •    3/4 tsp.
81-100 lbs.    •    1 tsp.
Large animal (horse, etc.)    •    2 tsps.

Please let me know if you have purple rice success stories about your pet(s) or if you’d like to order some, you can contact me.

Have a blessed day!




This is the user’s individual experience.  It does not reflect any claims made by the product’s manufacturer or distributor and is not supported by any scientific studies.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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