Glycation is Aging You

GLYCATION  is the reason you are aging. And it is one thing Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice can help reverse!

Glycation occurs in all living cells and is a process where excess sugar molecules attach themselves to lipid or protein molecules forming Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) or Glycotoxins. These can damage collagen and elastin fibers by making them stiff and brittle, leading to the aging of skin. Studies have shown that these same damaging effects also harm different organs of the body like the liver and the heart, affecting our overall health.

Glycation can also intensify the negative effects of UV rays and oxidation causing new skin cells to be produced at a slower rate.

AGEs attach to proteins and fats and wherever they land can cause cellular damage. When they attach in the circulatory system they can cause plaque and blockages.  When they attach in the eyes they can cause cataracts and vision problems. When they attach in the skin we have wrinkles and skin problems.  Wherever they attach they cause damage and aging!  And more glycation is going on today then ever before because our cell membranes have become so damaged and resistant that sugars just can’t get into our cells to be used for energy. AND we are consuming more and more sugars because our cells are starving, so more and more glycation is going on in our bodies causing us to age faster and faster.  Simply put, glycation or AGE’s (advanced glycation end products) are our biggest problem.

The solution?  You guessed it micronized rice.  It has been shown to lower glycation scores.

The polysaccharide sugars in Paula’s Purple Rice are so small they can enter through the damaged cell membranes and fuel the mitochondria to produce energy to recharge, repair damage and regenerate healthier new cells.

My advice:  Eat more Paula’s Purple Rice . And stop or reduce your intake of sugars and flours that turn into sugar.  Let’s reverse glycation and anti-age together!

Clean Eating

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