The Value of Paula’s Purple Rice

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This product is not something that masks symptoms like drug treatments do. Yes, there are lots of life-saving drugs available, and sometimes, we need them. But this is not a drug. However, it IS considered a LIFE SAVER by those of us who have compared the “price” of masking symptoms, dealing with drug side effects or just “living with it”, to the true VALUE of actually rebuilding cells from the inside out, and activating our bodies’ own built-in, self-healing abilities.

Some people have voiced that they wish to take Micronized Purple Rice*,  but simply cannot afford it. My husband and I raised 4 children on one salary, so I get it. But…. consider this: If MPR* keeps you from long-term care (nursing home, etc.) for ONLY ONE year by nourishing your body at the cellular level, and helping you to possibly avoid a stroke, heart attack, dementia, blood sugar/pressure issues etc… It will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Here are some interesting notes that established the value of MPR to us and factored into our decision to make it a part of our daily lives:

  • Average long-term care costs in a facility or in-home assistance are around $5k/month or $60,000 a year.
  • *MPR costs about $1,500/yr. @ About $4 a day or less! ….That’s what many people spend on “designer” coffee, soda, candy, fast food, diet drinks and foods, and other unhealthy processed foods, cigarettes, excessive alcohol,  which could be causing or aggravating their health issues! These things can be cut or reduced from your food/spending budget, giving you money to spend elsewhere, and probably the first step to improving your health.
  • One can pay for 40 YEARS of MPR for the cost of ONE year of long-term care. And the cost of eating Micronized Purple Rice gets even lower as you progress from the loading and repair dosage (3 bottles per month) to the once a day maintenance dosage (1 bottle per month).
  • Also, figure in: fewer supplements, possibly less insulin, fewer prescriptions, doctor visits, etc… and PLUS – You look and feel great again!!!
  • Micronized Purple Rice, initially, does cost more than many health food supplements, but… IT WORKS! I used to take a huge handful of high quality supplements every day. They are good supplements, BUT my cells were not absorbing the nutrients! I only received a fraction of the benefit I should have from those supplements. What I discovered when I started taking MPR, is that it is not only a nutrient-dense super-food, but that it also serves as a “transport system” for the remaining supplements that I still take. ( And I’ve been able to greatly reduced the amount of supplements I take because they are now more effective, thanks to MPR. That’s money in the bank!)

Micronized Purple Rice is not an instant drug-like, symptom-masking fix, but a gradual restoration. Our bodies didn’t get all of their health issues overnight, and they won’t be repaired overnight. However, the bio-available nutrients in Paula’s Purple Rice, can permeate the cell walls and get right to work in the mitochondria, producing energy that allows our cells to recharge and assist our bodies in gradually increasing wellness. And without the side-effects that so often come with drugs.**  If we treat our bodies right, and give them the nutrients they need on the cellular level, we can’t help but be healthier!

I so believe in and am so into sharing this product that I do not even mark it up. Look up the average retail price can be $99 or more! If you order from Paula’s Purple Rice, you are getting wholesale pricing — almost half of retail cost. Consuming Micronized Purple Rice, is definitely one the best investments we have made for our present  health…and our future!

**Do not stop or decrease your medications without your doctor’s oversight!

©Paula Singletary 2016


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    Easter and spring time is a time to contemplate and be thankful for new beginnings and the joy of life. Give your body a new start by recharging your cells. Paula’s Purple Rice can help you regain your valuable health and enjoy life again.


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