Rebecca’s 14-Year Old Dog is Acting Young Again!

“I’ve even got my dog Woofie on *Micronized Purple Rice!” Rebecca says. “We call him Woofie because when he was little he couldn’t bark. He’d just make a little ‘woof’ sound, so my daughter named him Woofie. He’s half Spitz, half terrier.”

“At 14 years old, Woofie couldn’t jump up onto the bed, which was so sad! His hair was coming out, too — it was almost all gone. The vet gave us medicine for him, but it wasn’t helping.”

“Now, after I’ve been giving him *MPR for a few months,” Rebecca says, “he can jump up on the bed again, his hair is growing back in, and he can even chase squirrels again. He wakes me up every morning with his eyes all bright and shiny, just waiting for his purple rice!”


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