Why is it so Hard to Feel Better and Get Healthier?

a-great-journeyYou’ve tried everything you can think of to make lifestyle changes that are supposed to help you feel better, get more energy, and glow with renewed health. So why is it still all you can do some days to get out of bed and get moving?

The hard truth is, most of us struggle with energy levels, discomforts, stress, and some kind of condition that makes us want to throw a self-help book right through the TV when we see yet another commercial featuring beautifully made-up actors selling us on the Next Big Thing to make us look younger, feel better, relieve pain, improve our love life, and probably take out the trash too!

And even if you have managed to eliminate a bad habit or two, and perhaps incorporate some healthier ones, it’s tough making them stick with the constant pressure to perform, achieve, and go-go-go all the time.

I know…. You decide to skip your walk just this once, grab the fast food because there’s just no time to cook, or indulge in waaayyy too many goodies at a holiday party (and it’s starting to feel like nothing-but-holiday-parties-centered-around-rich-foods from October to January). Before you know it, you’re chasing a blood sugar crash with stale candy corn and Nutella, wishing you had the energy to get out and enjoy the last bits of nice weather before your arthritis flares up with the arrival of cooler weather…chalk-board-work-in-progress

Now, I’m not knocking lifestyle (diet and exercise) changes — they help SO much of what ails us, and they are the key to seeing real results in our health such as fewer problems from being overweight (joint pain, energy levels, heart and blood pressure problems), less inflammation (food allergies, gout, arthritis, fibromyalgia), and more energy (exercise can raise energy levels and decrease depression).

But they can be confusing. There’s definitely a lot of information out there on diets and balancing different exercise routines — and some of them conflict with each other. Plus, obviously not all lifestyle changes are going to give you an equal bang for your buck. So, take a deep breath, let go of those images from the commercials with dramatic overnight turnarounds, and slow down.


I’m serious. I’m not going to inspire you to get out there and revamp your life all at once (but if that’s your thing, then, Go You!). If you’ve had problems making lifestyle changes in the past, then try this:

Pick just one change you want to make this week and focus on changing just that ONE thing.

For example:

  • Park further away from buildings in your daily routine, and then enjoy the walk.
  • Use whole grain versions of your favorite foods.
  • Stop drinking liquid calories — this means sugary sodas and even diet sodas-artificial sweeteners can be toxic and not really helpful for weight loss. If you have to wean yourself off with sweet tea or flavored Perrier, do it. Every system in your body will thank you.sweet-enough
  • Pack trail mix, nuts, dried fruit or raw veggies when you go out, so you can snack on the go without the sodium, grease, and calories of fast food.
  • Set a goal for how much water to drink daily, get a reusable, refillable bottle and add just one more refill a day until you’re there.

Then, tackle just one thing next week. And so on. In our instant gratification society, everybody wants results RIGHT NOW. However, taking smaller steps initially may seem slow, but eventually it will skyrocket your long-term success because you will stick with it. Let’s throw out that guilt spiral of not achieving All Things At Once and set just one small goal for this week, shall we?



Are you still thinking you’d like just a little shortcut? Ok….. Here’s my shortcut to results- — I take Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice daily to nourish my cells and help accelerate the healing and anti-aging process.

It’s a myth that you need to spend a fortune on a motivational webinars or a pricey life coach to keep you going…. or that you need to buy all the trendiest supplements, restricted, complicated dieting books, and spa treatments to see results. (You don’t!) All you really need is your own will to take care of yourself and the strength to make the best choice for you every time you’re tempted to quit trying. For me, one of the BEST CHOICES I ever made was to kick start my journey to wellness by adding Paula’s Purple Rice to my daily regimen!

What exactly IS micronized purple rice? Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice is a pure, vegan, non-GMO superfood, NOT a medication or supplement. It isn’t a flashy fad; it’s been around for thousands of years, grown in the pristine valleys of Thailand.a_PurplePXPgrowing It takes 60 pounds of this “forbidden rice” to make one pound of the micronized powder. The most nutritious part of the grain is milled down to the size of a micron. This process allows the polyphenols, polysaccharides, amino acids, anthocyanins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to penetrate our cell walls and furnish ATP energy to our mitochondria (the “battery” of each cell). Our energized cells are then able to repair and revitalize cells throughout our bodies.

(What does that mean? Read About Purple Rice Science)

Now, back to making changes….I have gone through the struggle to change my habits and have succeeded in doing so one small step at a time. workinprogressBecause I’m still a work in progress, I often re-evaluate and add or subtract small steps according to what my body needs.

But– the ONE step that I have taken that has actually yielded unbelievable results was adding Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice to my supplement and vitamin regimen (Bonus Benefit: I have since been able to reduce the amount of other supplements I take, thus saving money spent on health!)

After only 8 weeks of micronized purple rice, I had almost no arthritis pain in my thumbs. My knees didn’t creak and hurt anymore and now I have only occasional mild back and neck pain — not unbearable and debilitating, as it used to be. And that only flares up when I overdo it because I feel 20 years younger and forget I’m not invincible! Read my whole story here

Micronized Purple Rice has changed my whole life by enhancing my body’s ability to heal and recharge itself. It can change yours too. But just like any other lifestyle change, the healing process takes time. Our bodies get worn down over time, and it takes time to repair the damage.healingtakestime I’m so very happy that I gave my body time and stuck with Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice!

If you’d like to read about others who are also seeing great results with Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice, you can look at MPR Stories or the Testimonials Page of my website.



If you want to try Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice, you can order here.

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Have a blessed day,






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