Why Celebrities Always Look Their Best (hint: it’s not $)

Contrary to popular belief, looking and feeling your best is NOT just for the movie stars healthyhairandskinand celebrities with deep pockets and a team of personal stylists. Sure, those pros prepping them for every appearance aren’t going to hurt anything, but you and I don’t have to give up on looking and feeling good just because we’re on a budget. In fact, that’s exactly why I’m so crazy about Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice — because you can stay on a tight budget and see amazing results anyway.



focusglassesYou want to know what the “beautiful people” know that you don’t? They know that with thousands of health and beauty products out there, they get the best results by being laser-focused on their goals, doing the proper research, and then sticking with the selected method until they reach maximum effectiveness. J-Lo did not get her fantastic figure by doing 50 squats and then calling it quits. People who make it to the top of their chosen fields tend to be tenacious and determined — yes, even more than they are talented or lucky. And YOU could be getting the results you want RIGHT NOW if you are willing to invest the time and effort to truly stick with your lifestyle changes and give the methods and/or remedies you’re trying a chance to do their work.

A few examples from my experiences with selling Purple Rice:

My client, Jan M., was impressed that her bloodwork numbers for cholesterol, blood glucose, and triglycerides had all noticeably improved after taking MPR (Micronized Purple Rice) for 3 months.13173711_10205488085553323_1576756241252238855_n (1)


All she had noticed at first was she was sleeping a little better — suppose she’d decided after only a couple weeks that if MPR wasn’t anything more than a natural sleep aid, then it wasn’t worth it?


Arrachme had more dramatic health issues and she attributes her health improvements to longer term use of micronized purple rice. Arrachme’s story:

“Dec. 2014 an ambulance was called to my home for a stroke like emergency.  After cat scans, and every test under the sun I was given a lot of I don’t knows along with some scary I do knows. Over  twenty doctors gave up on my progressive spiral downward.

By July 2015, my pain had grown unbearable with fibromyalgia, complicated migraines, bursitis, neurological episodes, etc. My inability to form sentences, and falling down was a regular occurrence.  My bathroom had turned into a pharmaceutical center.

…. When it seemed we should give up hope, my friend came over with micronized purple rice. Her words were, Why not give it a try?   Months later the results are as follows :

75% Fibromyalgia pain reduction

Increase in energy

Complicated Migraines stopped

75% reduction in bursitis hip pain

Effects from a Neurological issue reduced, I stopped falling down, dizziness stopped, I was able to stand without help, pain in my arms stopped, I was able to lift my arm, I was able to focus my eyes again, my legs stopped giving out from under me, my feet and hands stopped tingling, I was coherent again, my cognitive abilities improved, I stopped stuttering, I stopped slurring my words.

Lost 10 pounds

Beautician noticed skin improvement and hair color returning

My doctor has reduced the need for the prescriptions, since I no longer have the health issues.

How I save on costly old habits:  little to no pharmacy costs, hair color costs reduced, skin care products reduced, able to get more productive work done. There is more time to enjoy life now that I am not in chronic pain.


I still take the loading dose of Purple Rice because I have other long standing medical issues. I do not expect the rice to take away the things I have endured for years like a magic pill even though the experience I have had sounds like a miracle. I am a practical, realistic person. I am also a grateful person…. I don’t really have to know how it works but I’m grateful that it does.” Click here for Arrachme’s full testimonial.

And, of course, my own experience with MPR has affirmed my determination to budget for it each and every month. I’ve been taking it about 1 year now and my life is so much different!

20131006_231128721_iosThe arthritis and chronic muscle pain and spasms are nearly entirely gone, my skin is softer, my hair is darker and thicker, and instead of constant depression and exhaustion, I am moving and grooving through the day like someone half my age (61)! Click here to see my 10 month MPR review


littlestepsWhen taking MPR, I get results from my lifestyle changes sooner than I thought. It’s exciting to see what may improve next, so when I eliminate a “bad” food or incorporate a new workout routine, I stick it out until I meet the goal I want.

The best part of shifting your mindset away from instant gratification to gradually reaching your goals through your own will is that it’s a process — which means you can repeat it over and over, and it gets easier to do each time.

If you’d like some support in your journey to wellness, you can click here to join my private Facebook Support Group where we share our experiences and health tips and uplift each other with positive motivation. You can also join the conversation on my Facebook Page, where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

If you want to try Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice, you can order here.

I’m confident that you will love watching yourself meet and exceed the goals for your life, whether it be dietary changes, excelling at a hobby, or sticking with your healthy habits until you drop a few pounds or run 5 miles. better-than-yesterdayThe fact is, if you’ve made up your mind to feel and look better, you shouldn’t be afraid to go for BIG results — even if it’s difficult, even if it takes a while — every day you can make the choice to do your best that day. And the next day and the next day… Until your best surprises even you.



Have a blessed day,





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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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