Paula’s Purple Rice Cyber Shopping Week Reward!


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Hello, Cyber Shoppers!

Gift Giving Season is here! And I would like to offer my Preferred Customers or New Preferred Customers a special reward that might help a little with their holiday shopping.2016-11-28

For a limited time–11/28/16-12/5/16

Offer Extended! — 11/28/16-12/7/16 – Earn a $10 Visa Debit Card During Cyber Week! 

  • If you would like to order your *first Welcome Pack, click:  Welcome Pack
  • If you refer someone else to me, who has never purchased micronized purple rice and they order a *Welcome Pack from me….
  • –or if you purchase a *Second Welcome Pack for someone in your own household…
  • –or purchase a *Welcome Pack as a gift for a friend or family member, who has never purchased micronized purple rice (shipped in their name to their address)


…I will refund to you the cost of shipping of ONE Welcome Pack, in the form of a $10 pre-paid Visa Debit gift card* — even if your shipping was less than $10 (which is usually is)!!!


  • if you have already ordered the limit  per of two Welcome Packs per household for yourself, and you contact me or go to my website and start:  Regular/Recurring Shipments for yourself or a household member, I will still refund the cost of shipping for *your first shipment of that order in the form of a $10 pre-paid Visa Debit gift card. Cha-ching! brunettegirlwithcard-copy

*Once your Referred Order, Welcome Pack or Regular  Recurring Shipment is billed and shipped, I will have a $10 pre-paid Visa Debit card sent to you via mail or email. Be sure your friend tells me that you referred them. You may also contact me and tell me the name of the friend you referred to let me know they will be purchasing from me. And please send a message or email to me and let me know you’ve seen this ad.


Now it’s easier than ever to gift Paula’s Purple Rice to a friend or family member who may be struggling with health issues, or wants to anti-age and take preventive measures (the gift that keeps on giving) …or if you just want to treat yourself to more Paula’s Purple Rice… and have a little extra money in your pocket to spend on holiday shopping!blondegirlcyber-shopping

Merry Christmas from Paula’s Purple Rice

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2 thoughts on “Paula’s Purple Rice Cyber Shopping Week Reward!

  1. Hey Paula do you know anyone who has had results that has osteoporosis? I was diagnosed and I know you can turn it around with different supplements an excercise, just wondering if you know anyone who’s used it for this with results by improving there tests?


    1. Lesley, Thank you for your question.
      I don’t know anyone personally, but the way that Purple Rice works, by detoxing and recharging the cells, the cells become more receptive to the nutrients we give our bodies, including the nutrients in Purple Rice. Purple Rice, therefore, not only helps the cells recharge, rebuild and reproduce healthier cells, it also serves as a transport system for other nutrients, like those you would take for bone building, making it easier for cells to assimilate the nutrients. I take fewer supplements in smaller doses than before because MPR makes them more effective, rather than just “bouncing off” of my cells. I was diagnosed with pre-osteoporosis in my 40s and I am confident that next time I have a bone scan, I will see improvement.


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