The Value of Paula’s Purple Rice

Easter and spring time is a time to contemplate and be thankful for new beginnings and the joy of life. Give your body a new start by recharging your cells. Paula’s Purple Rice can help you regain your valuable health and enjoy life again.

Paula's Purple Rice

12647266_499183393615616_4324558254610989652_n (1)

This product is not something that masks symptoms like drug treatments do. Yes, there are lots of life-saving drugs available, and sometimes, we need them. But this is not a drug. However, it IS considered a LIFE SAVER by those of us who have compared the “price” of masking symptoms, dealing with drug side effects or just “living with it”, to the true VALUE of actually rebuilding cells from the inside out, and activating our bodies’ own built-in, self-healing abilities.

Some people have voiced that they wish to take Micronized Purple Rice*,  but simply cannot afford it. My husband and I raised 4 children on one salary, so I get it. But…. consider this: If MPR* keeps you from long-term care (nursing home, etc.) for ONLY ONE year by nourishing your body at the cellular level, and helping you to possibly avoid a stroke, heart attack, dementia, blood sugar/pressure issues etc… It will…

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