Arianne: Recovery from a mysterious stroke-like experience

Arianne’s story:

Dec. 2014 an ambulance was called to my home for a stroke like emergency.  After many tests, cat scans, and every test under the sun I was given a lot of I don’t knows along with some scary I do knows. Over twenty doctors gave up on my progressive spiral downward.

By July 2015, my pain had grown unbearable with fibromyalgia, complicated migraines, bursitis, neurological episodes, etc. My inability to form sentences, and falling down was a regular occurrence.  My bathroom turned into a pharmaceutical center.

We went to visit a friend in the Hospital who had just had a heart attack. I came home that day with bronchitis. With my immune system compromised it was like putting the nail in my coffin. My doctor already  had to wheel me around his office in a wheel chair as I was too ill to stand.  One day I called my sister to say, I felt that my husband was going to have to put me somewhere. My concern was I could fall with something as simple as trying to use the bathroom. When it seemed we should give up hope, my friend came over with micronized purple rice. Her words were, “Why not give it a try?”   Months later the results are as follows :

  1. 75% Fibromyalgia pain reduction
  2. Increase in energy
  3. Complicated Migraines stopped
  4. 75% reduction in bursitis hip pain
  5. Deep vertical Lines in finger nail bed gone
  6. Effects from a Neurological issue reduced, I stopped falling down, dizziness stopped, I was able to stand without help, pain in my arms stopped, I was able to lift my arm, I was able to focus my eyes again, my legs stopped giving out from under me, my feet and hands stopped tingling, I was coherent again, my cognitive abilities improved, I stopped stuttering, I stopped slurring my words.
  7. The bruises from falling down that covered my leg healed
  8. Vibrant shiny hair color returning
  9. Negative painful Menopausal internal changes reversed completely
  10. Negative effects of a Hysterectomy completely reverted back to younger days
  11. Lost 10 pounds
  12. Beautician noticed skin improvement and hair color returning
  13. My doctor has reduced the need for the prescriptions, since I no longer have the health issues.

How I save on costly old habits:  little to no pharmacy costs, hair color costs reduced, skin care products reduced, able to get more productive work done. There is more time to enjoy life now that I am not in chronic pain.

I still take the loading dose of Purple Rice because I have other long standing medical issues. I do not expect the rice to take away the things I have endured for years like a magic pill even though the experience I have had sounds like a miracle. I am a practical, realistic person. I am also a grateful person.  I am paying it forward by sharing my story. I love my friend  for showing up one day at my home when I was so sick, saying to me, “Just try this”. I don’t really have to know how it works but grateful that it does.

This is the user’s individual experience.  It does not reflect any claims made by the product’s manufacturer or distributor and is not supported by any scientific studies.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

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