Why is it so Hard to Feel Better and Get Healthier?

I’ve been on a bit of a break from blogging because of travel and other obligations, but found this encouraging and practical blog in my archives. Enjoy!

Paula's Purple Rice

a-great-journeyYou’ve tried everything you can think of to make lifestyle changes that are supposed to help you feel better, get more energy, and glow with renewed health. So why is it still all you can do some days to get out of bed and get moving?

The hard truth is, most of us struggle with energy levels, discomforts, stress, and some kind of condition that makes us want to throw a self-help book right through the TV when we see yet another commercial featuring beautifully made-up actors selling us on the Next Big Thing to make us look younger, feel better, relieve pain, improve our love life, and probably take out the trash too!

And even if you have managed to eliminate a bad habit or two, and perhaps incorporate some healthier ones, it’s tough making them stick with the constant pressure to perform, achieve, and go-go-go all the time

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