Ten Foods to Avoid When You Have High Blood Pressure

Everyone knows that when you have any kind of medical disorder, choosing what to eat can become very difficult. Thankfully, for people with high blood pressure, the list of what you can eat seems to be much longer than what you can not. The following is a list of ten foods you either need to avoid entirely or watch portion sizes very carefully.


Alcohol is an acceptable food — well drink — to have with high blood pressure as long as you are cautious. By making sure to only have two or fewer servings of alcohol a day, you can prevent dehydration and weight gain, both of which can lead to even more problems for those suffering from high blood pressure.


Three slices of bacon contain not only four and a half grams of fat, but also two hundred and seventy milligrams of sodium. Try a bacon substitute like veggie bacon (the Morningstar brand isn’t bad) or a lower fat and sodium turkey bacon.


Sorry, but candy is basically nothing but sugar and empty calories. It is definitely bad for those with health issues. Instead of eating candy, try naturally sweetened fruits that are high in potassium and fiber. This will insure that you are getting a healthy dose of potassium and you are not just taking in empty calories. An often overlooked potassium-rich superfood is Dried Apricots — if you like the texture of gummy candies, this could be a big win for you healthwise.


In one serving of cheese there are five hundred and seven milligrams of sodium, which is twenty-one percent of the daily recommended dose of sodium per day. As addressed elsewhere, it is important to watch your sodium intake when dealing with high blood pressure.


Coffee contains a lot of caffeine. Caffeine signals adrenal glands to release an excess of cortisol and adrenaline which raises blood pressure. If you have an unshakeable coffee habit, however, you can try gradually weaning yourself onto decaf. While decaf coffee still contains some tiny amount of caffeine, it won’t be near as rough on your blood pressure as a regular cup of java.

Frozen Meats

Frozen meats is a pretty general term. Let me specify just a bit. Frozen pizzas, chicken strips, frozen entrees, or pretty much anything that you can pop in an oven or microwave and say its “done”. These are bad because they contain quite a bit of sodium. This includes the meals that are considered “healthy”. The salt is used to help preserve the food. If you aren’t sure if something is “bad”, check the nutrition label for the sodium content.


Doughnuts, cakes, cookies… Most people’s go-to comfort foods, in other words. These treats are loaded with sugars and unnecessary fats. These can also cause excess weight gain, which can exacerbate problems with high blood pressure. If you just need that sweet fix, try naturally sweetened fruits that are high in potassium and fiber or some not too sugary yogurt with fruit.


One spear of a pickle can contain up to three hundred and ninety milligrams of sodium. A lot of salt is required to turn that healthy little cucumber into a salty pickle. To get your fix, try this instead: Marinate sliced cucumber in vinegar with minced sweet onion, garlic, and fresh or dried dill weed. Add a dash of salt, black or red pepper, and/or sugar to taste. Marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours, then enjoy at your leisure. I find this to be tastier than pickles anyway.



Condiments are the sneakiest of the ten foods listed here. You see, most people do not even think of condiments as being added salt or sugar or even calories. Unfortunately, condiments contain quite a bit of excess sodium and sugar. Instead of cutting condiments out altogether try either using less of them or substituting them out with lemon juice, olive oil and herbs.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks… pop… coke…soda… Whatever they are called where you live, they are made of the same things: SUGAR and empty calories. Most soft drinks contain about nine teaspoons of nutritionally void, highly concentrated sugar per twelve ounce can. Nine teaspoons is also known as your entire daily suggested sugar intake. For that fizzy lift, try flavored seltzer water or sugar free un-sodas like Fresca or LaCroix

Bit by bit, you can make the necessary healthy changes in your diet to help you manage your blood pressure. What are some of your favorite substitutes for the foods on this list? Tell me in the comments!

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