Testimonial Tuesday — Improved Eyesight?

Rebekah M. writes:

“I began taking Micronized Purple Rice a couple of years ago, primarily to help with energy levels and recovery from chronic pain and eventually surgery. While I feel it did help with those — especially when I remember to take it regularly — I’m contacting you about something else entirely…

meI’ve worn glasses to see properly ever since age 19 for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism (the trifecta of bad eyesight). My prescription for glasses usually slightly increases every year or so as my eyes have worsened over the decades (I am sneaking up on age 40 now). It’s been a couple years since my last eye exam, so when I got around to getting it done last week, imagine my shock when the Dr. told me that the vision in my right eye had actually improved! This is the first time in my life that my eyes have ever gotten better, so I don’t even know how… but what I have been doing differently the last couple years is taking Paula’s Purple Rice. I wish a scientific study could be done to see if it’s possible that MPR could be the cause of the improvement…? Have there been other stories of eyesight improving? Whatever the cause, I am pleased to have marginally smaller lenses and will continue taking purple rice!”

That’s so interesting, Rebekah! I hope you do continue and send me another update if you have further changes next year!

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