Is Low Carb Sustainable Long Term?

OK, I realize that this question is quite the can of worms to be opening (cans of worms have almost no carbs, unless they are gummy worms 😉 ), but low carb diets are something I’ve tried off and on and I’ve heard people passionately claim it should be a way of life, so I’m just going to investigate this a little bit here and I welcome your input and insight in the comments.

Me, 2 hours after I tell myself I’m dieting…  Image by reidy68 on Pixabay

The first question we should be considering is what does it mean to have a low-carb diet? When you think low-carb, three things may pop into your mind: hungry, Atkins, and Paleo. People always think with dieting that you have to be hungry and deprived which is not the case, and in fact if your “diet” makes you feel this way after a week or two of adjustment, you probably need a new nutritional plan because you likely will not stick to one that makes you miserable.

The Atkins and Paleo diets just take away a few foods that you can live without and that gets your metabolism jump started. Paleo dieters attempt to eliminate most grains, processed foods, and sugars — lowering overall carbohydrate intake. Atkins dieters go further, trying to intake as close to zero carbs as possible. Both diets will initially give you some results, if only through water weight loss as the denser proteins require more liquids to digest and assimilate. Be careful on these diets, because they may cause dehydration if you don’t increase your water intake accordingly. They also cause you to eat more than normal amounts of proteins from meats because you are taking away a few other food groups. Think carefully about what kind of meats you are eating to get this protein and its saturated fat levels; try to eat turkey, fish, and chicken (grilled).

017Coming off of these diets after being on them for a long time may also be a shock to your system and aggravate High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. Most nutritionists recommend only going extreme low carb for 3-6 months at a time, punctuated with a few weeks of a more diverse diet. However, I have known people who feel much better maintaining a low carb diet indefinitely. Always consider what diet is really best for you and your unique lifestyle and situation, do your research, and then talk to your doctor before changing your eating routine. Have you tried a low carb diet? How did it work for you?

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