Best Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin and Eczema – Organic Soapberries Tree To Tub Lotion Review

I recently tried and liked the Organic Soapberries body wash and decided to try the lotion in the Soapberry Tree to Tub line of products, as I was almost out of body lotion.
I really like that it’s organic, no toxic chemicals, fair trade, and has a pleasant scent. The premise of it is that when you balance your skin’s pH, instead of coating it in oils, it balances its own moisture. Along with Organic Moisture Botanicals, the soapberries  nourish and calm the most inflamed skin, leaving moisture without residue.
At around $2 an ounce, it’s definitely not your bargain basement lotion, but it’s still a good buy considering that it’s not filled with toxic chemicals, supports rather than exploits the region’s farmers, and it also came with a little soap berry.
81ty75ffBXL._SY679_It’s a nice moisturizing body lotion if you have combination skin, or maybe for in the summer months. My skin has been extra dry this winter, so a thicker lotion has been needed, at least until the weather warms up.
I haven’t tried the raw soap berries that are sent with every order. I did read how you have blanch them in hot water and crush them a little to get them to lather. I’m still looking forward to trying that.
This is an honest review — I am not contracted or employed by Tree to Tub or compensated in any way for writing it. I think this is a good product, I buy it and I recommend it. Full disclosure though, if you buy it through the link on my blog, Amazon does give me credit for referring you to it.

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