Why Traditional Flea Treatments May Be Harming Your Pet… And What You Can Do Instead.

Your pet has fleas, so you go to the nearest store and pick up flea medications or a collar even. Well, when you look at the ingredient list you find that you can’t pronounce most of the main ingredients. This probably is not that big of a deal right? Wrong, These medications can lead to your beloved pet having diarrhea, vomiting, or difficulty breathing. In some cases, even worse symptoms like muscle twitching or seizures have been reported. These risks make it imperative to read directions, dosing, and always make sure you are buying the correct product for your type and size of pet. While my animals never had these scarier reactions, I decided to go all natural after reading on some flea and tick drops that are supposed to be rubbed into the dog’s skin that I should avoid touching the medication or the dog for some hours afterwards to not have any contact with the medication. Then why would I rub it into my pet’s skin?!

I have found and experimented with many all natural forms of pest control since then and have had no problems. Prevention and vigilance are the keys to success with these methods as it’s far easier to prevent an infestation than to root it out.

Image by Katrina_S from Pixabay

Below you will find a list of natural alternatives that can keep fleas out and your pets in.

Lamp and Water

Place a small pan of water with a couple drops of dish soap in it in front of the lamp. At night, turn on the lamp and shut the door. The heat from the lamp will attract the fleas. They will fall into the soapy water and drown.

(Do not use if you have small children, because if the lamp falls into the water it could cause electrocution.)

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Poison Bananas

Bananas are not poison to people, but they are to fleas. Set a banana peel out until it turns black and the replace them as needed — this will deter fleas from living in your house.

Rosemary Tea

Get ready to make a tea… for your pet that is. Add one teaspoon of rosemary to near- boiling water and let it simmer. Remove from heat and allow it to cool.  After you have made your tea wash your pet like normal, after rinsing use the tea as a final rinse. The strong-smelling rosemary will act as a flea preventative.

Laundry Time

Keep your pet’s bedding and house rugs clean. Wash your pet’s bedding once or twice a week in warm water. Add apple cider vinegar to the laundry while washing.

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

Get Your Steps in With Vacuuming

Vacuum frequently. This removes the fleas and flea eggs from the carpets that can not be washed. Do this about 3-5 times a week. Change the bags outside to insure that the eggs stay outside while changing the bag.

Clean Clean Clean the Rooms

Every 1-2 months clean the upholstery and rugs with a steam cleaner. This will keep flea levels down.

Brush that Pet

Brush your pets outside — often this will detach the eggs and you don’t want those inside.

Mow Your Lawn

Keep your lawn groomed — this will not allow the fleas to grow to abundant levels.

Essential Oil Sprays

61hkQpwDxiL._SY679_As always, make sure that any oils you are using are pet safe. That said, I’ve had great success by filling a spray bottle with water, adding several drops of rosemary, lemongrass, and mint oils, then shake it gently and mist your pet’s fur (especially feet and legs) before allowing them outside. Definitely avoid the eye area and watch to make sure your pet isn’t allergic to any oils.

If you want area treatments, you can buy Cedar Oil Yard Treatments that are pet, human, and bee safe!

There are also premixed pet sprays you can buy

Diatomaceous Earth

This one is pretty cool. It’s essentially fossilized algae that’s been ground to a fine powder. While you certainly don’t want to breathe it, you can touch it, sprinkle it around the house and on pet beds, and rub onto your pet’s fur. The small particles are super sharp to tiny insects like fleas, ticks, and even spiders so it’s like giving your pet spiky armor with no dangerous chemicals. You can get it at your local pet store or on Amazon.

Do you have any surefire natural ways to keep fleas and ticks at bay? Share your experience in the comments!

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