Review of Explorian Vitamix

I’ve always wanted a Vitamix, even though I’ve got another decent blender. The Vitamix is known for having a powerful, professional grade motor.
The E310 model is one of the less expensive Vitamix models, with a slightly smaller container, but big enough for recipes for 2-4 people. I actually got mine from a special online offer, that added a scraper and extra recipe book, but the price was already so good for this model, I would have bought it even without the additional items.
It has a 5 hp motor, so blending and chopping takes only a few seconds. The rotation of the blades is such that food does splatter out of the container, (although I always make sure the lid is on securely) and it comes with a great food “pusher” that you can use through the hole in the lid to push down food into the “vortex”. A mind boggling feature (at least to me) is for soup recipes, longer blending time (minutes instead of seconds) will actually heat your soup! No kidding!
Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay
I’m not really all that into cooking, but I am into healthy eating. So when I saw this one on sale, I decided I had to give it a try.  I think having a Vitamix will allow me to throw together some healthy ingredients and have a smoothie or hot soup in just a few minutes. I do recommend following the starter recipes you receive or find online fairly closely. My first attempt at potato soup went awry because I substituted a sweetened cashew milk for real milk and ended up with potato “glue”.  I’ve since learned you can make substitutions, but just as with any recipe, you have to choose correctly. There are lots of Vitamix recipes and tips, online so I’m hoping if I learn some of the short cuts and easy recipes, I might like cooking just a little bit more.
I’m very happy and expect to get many years of blending, and learning new recipes and shortcuts to cooking.
This is an honest review — I am not contracted or employed by Tree to Tub or compensated in any way for writing it. I think this is a good product, I buy it and I recommend it. Full disclosure though, if you buy it through the link on my blog, Amazon does give me credit for referring you to it.

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