About Purple Rice

I am not a scientist by any means, but for those of you who like to know the why of things, here is a summary based on research of the various elements and nutrients present in this amazing vegan food product:

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is what the micronized purple rice helps your body to produce in great quantity, without straining digestion and conversion processes to provide it, because it sidesteps these digestive and glycation mechanisms and goes directly into the cells as monosaccharide.  Each unit of energy is fully realized and utilized, without any loss.

The Siam Valley of Thailand has for ages been acknowledged for the production of superior strains of rice. The richness of its organic alkaline soils has created the utmost of all strains of rice… a specific strain of anthocyanin-rich purple rice. This purple rice and the essence, Micronized Purple Rice, derived through an advanced method of milling and washing has recently made waves within health and wellness communities all around the world.


This cultivated and highly specific strain of unpolluted vegan rice, defined as a functional food, may help resolve the many unanswered questions concerning metabolic x syndrome that plague the medical community and their inability to control the associated symptoms of X syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of five risk factors that can increase your chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. The five risk factors include:

  1. Increased blood pressure (greater than 130/85
  2. High Blood Sugar, or Diabetes Type II, (insulin resistance)
  3. Excess fat around waistline
  4. High triglyceride levels
  5. Low levels of good cholesterol, or HDL

A new definition was adopted in 2011 and debated at the 9th International Conference on Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases: Science and Practice at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  They concluded, “Functional food is a natural food that contains known biologically-active compounds which when is defined in quantitative and qualitative amounts provides a clinically proven and documented health benefit, and thus, an important source in the prevention, management and treatment of chronic diseases of the modern age.”

The biologically-active compounds that exist within the heart of this heirloom strain of purple rice include specific polysaccharides, amino acid patterns, organic minerals, natural vitamin B-complex, and many essential antioxidants. Both the husk and the endoderm of each grain of rice are retained after 60 pounds of rice is milled into 1 pound of micronized powder.

The micronization process of both strands of our rice is performed at less than 150 degrees. Note that 180 degrees is the standard of safe measurement that we have reduced by another 20%. Please also note that the process we use keeps the active ingredients of both strands of rice alive which is why the product works so well for so many people. Most food we eat is “dead”.  Meaning, common food products, after being produced, boxed, and shelved have had degradation of nutrients and do not have the same nutritional content as they did when produced.

Our proprietary system keeps the active ingredients of polysaccarides, polypeptides, amino acids and antioxidants alive and working for years! The product now known as Micronized Purple Rice has been embraced as a raw super-food, with those who consume it reporting positive results — everything from more energy to supporting reduction of chronic inflammation and many other symptoms of poor health.

How does Micronized Purple Rice help us gracefully manage our aging process?

The many bio-ready compounds that Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice offers help the cells of your body to perform at their highest functional potential. This simply means that the work that each cell of your body performs is enhanced by the active production of energy inside the mitochondria. The mitochondria of each cell can only be properly supported in its goal to create cellular energy when the specific nutrient for energy production is provided. The essence of this specific strain of purple rice contains this exact nutrient (alpha glycopeptides). Healthy cell renewal and repair are the hallmarks of efficient energy production within the cell.

If the cell is diseased, dysfunctional, or damaged by free radicals, then its offspring will not be as healthy. However, glycopeptides provided by Micronized Purple Rice support the parent cell with energy and antioxidants, they also support the quality of the offspring. Dr. Jack Tips, in his book, ‘The Healing Power Within’ says “that when your body is reproducing healthy cells, it’s called anti-aging in our modern confrontational vernacular.” So when we say “anti-aging”, we mean that our cells are functioning more efficiently, like those of a younger person. Aging is part of the life cycle, but if you take good care of your body with rest, nutrients, and activity, it does not have to be a painful process.

To manage the aging process, you want the highest quality functional food available in the world for the mitochondria of your cells to produce energy. This strain of micronized purple rice and what it can provide as a pure food nutrient for the cells of our body, performs an almost miraculous-seeming and still undervalued benefit. The possible prevention or healing of the metabolic x syndrome and the reversal or slowing of the deterioration of old age can lead to a re-energized, healthier life. To prevent or help reverse cell deterioration, you want the best nutrition you can get, delivered cleanly and efficiently to your cells. While many foods and “superfoods” are rich in nutrients, amino acids, and proteins, the micronizing process that purple rice goes through means that all that nutritional goodness is much more readily available for your body to use.

The problem with healing of acutely or chronically damaged tissue in the body is that there has to be excess energy for us to accomplish this healing, and very often, the area that needs the healing is so badly injured or diseased that there is insufficient energy available to heal. That makes it a chicken and egg type of thing for people without access to Micronized Purple Rice — without energy they cannot heal, and without first healing, they cannot produce enough energy to heal.

Micronized Purple Rice changes that. It provides cells with raw materials (nutrients) at no cost of energy (to digest and transport the nutrients into the cell).

BothCells BeforeAfter2

Energy – Is Often the Missing Ingredient For Healing Processes to Take Place

With the abundance of stress, toxins and insufficient sleep in most people’s lives, the cells of the body often do not have surplus energy with which to obtain nutrients or initiate repair processes; in situations of disease, overexertion, invasion of microbes or free radical assault this deficiency can lead to chronic pain or damage. Micronized Purple Rice may be the only thing, besides sleep, that can create large enough amounts of excess cellular energy for healing to take place at a high rate. But it is not an “energy supplement” or anything like that — just super nutrients from a food source that have been milled down to be super accessible to your body’s cells.

Salient description points regarding Micronized Purple Rice include:

  • Micronized Purple Rice supplies nearly everything except oxygen and water for creating ATP. It directly targets the mitochondria (power plant) of the cell to create ATP (cellular energy).
  •  Micronized Purple Rice does not have to be actively transported across cell membranes. Active transport process (digestion, absorption, circulation) consumes up to 35 units of ATP energy in order to make 36 units of ATP, netting only 1 ATP, while Micronized Purple Rice allows the entire 36 units of ATP to be netted.
  • Micronized Purple Rice contains all of the essential amino acids, (making it a source of all proteins that could be needed for making repairs).
  • It also contains all of the essential fatty acids (GLA, ALA, LA, SDA, EPA, DHA, and AA)
  • and all of the essential functional sugars as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Its completeness in terms of essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and essential sugars, plus small molecular size and free pass into the cells and mitochondria makes these alpha glycans powerful in terms of health and wellbeing.

Alpha Polysaccharide Peptides Pass Easily Through Cellular Membranes

poreCell membranes have pores and an active transport system which allows only particular atoms and molecules to pass through it. Most foods eaten must be metabolized before passing through the cell membrane. This requires energy in the form of stored ATP. Using nanotechnology, alpha polysaccharide peptides have been mechanically hydrolyzed to monosaccharides size. In this form, they pass through all cell membranes without the need to go through the usual metabolic pathways.


The mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) have a double membrane and an active transport system, which even more carefully determines what molecules can enter into it. One type of molecule they always allow through are monosaccharides (alpha polysaccharide peptides), where the last step of their metabolism takes place via the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle converts the energy, which is held within the bonds between the atoms of each molecule, into packets of energy – ATP. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate. (Cellular Energy)

After the production of ATP within the mitochondrion, ATP energy packet molecules migrate into the cell where its energy is released. If you had an electron microscope you could see little fireworks as ADP (adenosine di phosphate) is converted into ATP. The cell uses the energy to perform its various duties: protein, RNA and DNA synthesis, cell membrane maintenance, organelle maintenance, as well as, and most important, detoxification and maintaining individual cell health.

PAULA’S MICRONIZED PURPLE RICE can provide each cell with up to 36 ATP, whereas an equivalent amount of normal carbohydrate provides each cell with 1 or 2 ATP. This is more energy than the cell has ever seen before. It takes care of all its cellular duties and still has more energy than it’s ever seen before – energy which it uses to do the work of repairing damage to the body’s cells.

However, just as food is eaten every day for energy, Micronized Purple Rice must be eaten every day consistently, if we want to keep cells in this heightened state of energy/health. The suggestion to spread servings throughout the day is because Micronized Purple Rice is water soluble and flushes through the system very quickly. It enters cells instantly, and the mitochondria do their work. But cells never go to sleep, they work 24/7. Always working, always detoxifying, always trying to maintain optimum health.

What you feed your body is of the greatest importance.  What you feed your cells is even more crucial. What you feed to your body is what you are feeding your cells and can make the world of difference.  What you feed your cells is the power of the cells.

Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice— is an anthocyanin superfood — from specially processed strains of purple rice from Thailand. These rice strains are chosen because of their high concentration of anthocyanins, which give it its purple color and which offer numerous benefits, chief among which is the most powerful free radical protection of any food substance on earth.

riceThe Purple, short-grain heirloom rice used in  micronized Purple Rice is more widely known as Forbidden Rice, since only ancient Chinese emperors were allowed to consume it. It is packed with powerful nutrients of many types.

The purple color, which comes from the presence of powerful phytonutrients known as anthocyanins, is the key to its powerful and unique antioxidant properties.

Purple rice has more proteins than white rice, and can have up to between 7 and 8.5 g of nutrients for each 100 g of rice, compared to only 5 grams in other rice strains.

Anthocyanins Plus Nanotechnology Yields Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice!

Anthocyanins are potent free radical scavengers. But, Micronized Purple Rice incorporates alphaglycanology technology, whereby the food particles are reduced to nanosized particles. These food particles are so small that they have free access to cross through cellular and mitochondrial membranes and deliver their fuel and antioxidant molecules, WITH NO LOSS OF ENERGY due to active-transport (such as is necessary with most other foods).

With Micronized Purple Rice, you get cellular energy-enhancing properties, vital nutrition, and antioxidants delivered directly to your cells. All that is to say, Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice is a nutrient-packed superfood, milled very finely in order to be easily assimimlated by the body to do the most good as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to start nourishing your cells today, contact me or head over to  Order Now to learn more about the products.

Who Should Eat Micronized Purple Rice?

Well, quite frankly, I believe everyone can benefit from it, if only to slow down aging, sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day. I do not make any medical claims of a “cure” but it has been reported to be particularly helpful by people suffering from:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood sugar
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic Inflammation (like Fibromyalgia)
  • Arthritis
  • Brain “fog”
  • Eczema and other skin issues
  • hair health
  • Thyroid disease or dysfunction
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Auto-Immune disease
  • MS
  • Nutrional support during cancer or recovery during and after cancer treatment
  • Lupus
  • fibromyalgia
  • leaky gut
  • Lyme disease
  • Allergies
  • Anyone who wants their cells detoxed and re-energized!

Why “Anti-Aging”?

While no food is going to literally turn the clock back for our bodies, proper nourishment of the cells can make them function like younger cells. Healthy cells are comprised of clusters of atoms.  Each atom has a balanced number of electrons spinning around it.  These electrons keep the atom stable and in harmony with each other atom. When atoms and electrons become damaged by free radicals, it contributes to aging.

I don’t want rapid, uncontrolled aging because of toxins that are damaging my cells.  I want to maintain my health, my vitality and my good sense for as long as I possibly can.  Every day is so precious and priceless, that I want to be here, and be vital, and be able to enjoy it all.

atomsWhen the atoms in a cell come in contact with a toxin, it damages the electrons that are spinning around it.  The damaged electron then becomes a free radical.  Free radicals spin wildly out of control, and they collide with other electrons, and further damage to those electrons also occurs.  They smash into, destroy, and forever alter those healthy electrons.  The responsibility we place upon extra nutritional products, is largely to repair this problem, clearing out, repairing, replacing and making these electrons healthy and whole.

Heart Disease and Free Radicals

The strong and suspected link between free radicals and heart disease is evidenced by 2 primary factors:

  1. As fats travel through arteries, they are attacked by free radicals.
  2. Free Radical Damage causes fats to become sticky and to cling to artery walls.

As this happens, it creates a narrowing of the arteries, and begins to constrict the smooth and continuous flow of blood.  Arterial pressure will then begin to increase.  In addition, the same free radicals in our bloodstream will attack the elastic nature of our artery walls, rendering them more brittle than nature had intended.  This is all part of what science refers to as the aging process.

Let’s take a look at what this looks like in the artery:


We can clearly see what this clogging looks like.  We want to go in the other direction.  We want to heal.  We want to Anti-Age.

Well, is this really part of the aging process?  Is it permanent?  Can it be undone?

We know that dietary changes, accordingly verified by science and also understood via our common sense, can reduce the amount of fats in our bloodstream.  That’s one part of the process that can be helped by dietary and exercise changes that we can make.  But if we get proper nutrition, good whole vegan foods, high in their cellular regeneration capacity, such as Micronized Purple Rice, we stand a better chance of repairing cells and organs according to what the body can accommodate.

In my case, inflammation in my body has drastically reduced, chronic pain from arthritis is almost gone, and I have more energy and mental clarity.  I’m feeling great! I can never presume to guarantee that the same rate or type of improvements will happen for you, but I do believe that anyone living can improve and repair. I am always paying attention to the comments of others, and what I’m experiencing seems to be mirrored in many other people. I’m confident in my choice to eat Micronized Purple Rice, and it is helping me accomplish the wellness that I hoped for, and more.

Join me on a new journey toward wellness. Order Now

Need to know more? Read on….

What Exactly is Micronized Purple Rice?


This is an ancient strain of purple rice grown in a valley in northern Thailand, hand-picked and free from GMOs.  They are able to remove just the nutrients needed to get into the cells and regenerate them. These nutrients contain all the ancient and perfect polysaccharides (many sugars) and every known polypeptides (amino acids) as well as anthocyanins (super antioxidants which are 1,600 times more potent than blueberries).  It takes 60 pounds of purple rice to get only 1 pound of these nutrients!

Then, and this is the secret to why it works so well, these nutrients are put through a one-of-a-kind milling machine that mills it down to the size of a micron. Because of this micronization process, the nutrients permeate any cell no matter how damaged!

What Form does the Micronized Purple Rice come in?

You have the choice of powder or capsules. (Or a combination.)

Note: Capsules available in the USA only.


How Long Do I Need To Eat it Until I See Results?

Like most nutrients you take in, this goes where your body needs it most, first.  Ideally, I recommend that people give this at least 6 months to permeate and energize your cells, with a minimum commitment of at least 3 months.  For myself, I plan to eat this the rest of my life.
I often tell people, this isn’t a quick drug-like fix that masks symptoms. It is a healing process.
While some people may begin noticing changes very quickly, for many it can take some time to see significant results. How long did it take your body to get to where it is today? Not overnight, I’m guessing. However, your body can heal itself a lot quicker if you feed your cells what they need. On average, most people notice changes in a matter of months, rather than year.

Is This Organic?

Yes. This is a raw, whole, non-GMO food.  There are no chemicals, pesticides, in the soil or on the rice, or finished product. In fact, they even hand-pick and carry the rice out because no trucks are allowed into the field.  It does not have an official organic label, simply because it is grown in Thailand instead of the USA.

This Sounds Amazing! But What is the Cost?

First, let me ask you…How much is your health worth to you? How much have you paid already for doctors visits? Medications? Surgeries? Health insurance? Would spending $20 a day on your health be worth it to you?
What about $10?  Or $5?
It’s not $20 a day.
It’s not $10 a day.
It’s not even $5.
Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice costs less than $5 per day. That’s less than you’ll spend getting your daily latte at one of those expensive coffee houses.

We work hard to give you the best wholesale prices possible. Typically when you buy just one bottle elsewhere, it’s $99 or more — you can check on Amazon; I did ;). Wholesale from my supplier/company for one bottle is $80. However, when you buy 2 bottles at a time that drops to only $60-$65 per bottle because of the Wholesale Discount I can get. AND with your first order, we will gift you a FREE bottle! If you order 3 or 4 bottles for your first order, the cost drops to $56 per bottle and you still get an additional free bottle with any initial order!

Go to the Order Now page of this site to see the packages available. 

We ship it UPS which costs about $9-$10 depending on how many bottles you order. Tax varies from state-to-state. If we ship to a P.O. Box via USPS, the cost is about $4 more.

If you’re doing our recommended loading dose, you’ll go through  3 bottles in 1 month, and then you should be able to order a second Welcome Pack(in the name of another household member) to get another FREE BOTTLE. To continue your healing journey thereafter, sign up for Monthly or Bi-Monthly(every other month) Shipments  of 2 bottles a month, at $60 per bottle, until you are satisfied with your results.

Most people like to use just one bottle a month to maintain the benefits of eating micronized purple rice, but in order to get the best prices, it’s best to order two or more bottles at a time, and adjust the timing of your shipments. If you still want the EQUIVALENT of THREE bottles of the POWDER, you can always order our large 90 serving bottle as your monthly shipment (@$180–That’s still just $60 per 30 servings).

I’m Ready! — How do I Order?

Go to  Order Now to choose your best option, instant message me on my Facebook Page, or contact me via email Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you. I believe in this product, I use it myself, and if you decide it’s not for you, you can return any unopened product within 90 days of your order date for a refund.

Join our private facebook group: The Villages & Paula’s Purple Rice I look forward to hearing about how Micronized Purple Rice is changing your life!

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 The Fine Print
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