International Shipping

If you live outside the USA, I can still ship Purple Rice Welcome Packs to you in *some cases.

*USA Forwarding Addresses

If you have friends or relatives living in the USA, you may order a Welcome Pack, and have your Welcome Pack or autoshipment shipped to them. Your relative or friend would then be responsible to ship it on to you.

If you don’t have a USA Forwarding Address through relatives or friends There are Re-Shipping Companies in the USA that you can use to order products that require a USA shipping address – – You have your products shipped to the Re-shipping Company, and they will then forward your package to you internationally.

The shipping fees for these services vary and they are not affiliated with Paula’s Purple Rice.

I can offer free shipping, when available through a sale or promotion, to your USA Address, but your reshipping company will still charge their fees to forward your order to your country.

I can not offer free shipping through sales and promotions directly to non-USA addresses.


ComGateway and OPAS are two such companies that some of my customers use.


My Supplier/Parent Company has established Micronized Purple and/or Brown Rice Products Headquarters in many countries throughout the world, and the locations have changed occasionally over the years.

In those countries that have a headquarters, I can not send a Welcome Pack directly to you. However, depending on the country in which you reside, you can still get a good deal on Micronized Purple, Micronize Brown Rice, and many of the other Health and the Beauty products that I offer, and even some other products not available in the USA, if I order for you through my parent company.

Contact me via EMAIL to inquire about products available in your country and I will order the products for you or give you more information on how to get the products you want.



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