MPR Distributor FAQ

Micronized Purple Rice is Great! Can I Sell It Too?

Yes, you definitely can!

I find that there are three types of people who sell Micronized Purple Rice:

  1. Those who want to handle their MPR orders directly with the company and continue to get wholesale pricing, but would also like the monetary commission when they share purple rice with their friends. If this is you, don’t worry; not much will change, you won’t have to get a website, facebook page or anything. You don’t have to sell any particular quota and can essentially just keep ordering and eating Micronized Purple Rice but get paid whenever you place an order for a new customer. If you don’t want to bother with the ordering process, just contact me with your new customer’s info, I’ll place the order for you and YOU get the commission check, minus a very small fee for my time. Simple as pie!
  2. Those who really want to build a business. This isn’t the simplest Multi-Level-Marketing Plan (actually, it’s Multi-Dimensional-Marketing) but if I can do it, anyone can do it! (Having never been in a direct marketing company myself, I did not totally understand the structure of the business and compensation plan, but I found that is not necessary to get started.) You probably will want to have a facebook page and maybe a website. You’ll want a basic understanding of how Business Volume Points and team building works — I can help fill you in.
  3. Anywhere in between 1 and 2. The great thing about being a Purple Rice Distributor/IBO (Independent Business Owner) is that you can put as much into it as you want and are able to. If you want to aggressively market and reach out to new customers every day while coaching new distributors you sponsor, you can, but if you’d rather just share with people you run into in your daily life, that’s fine too.

Are there Sales Quotas?

No. However, to keep your IBO (Independent Business Owner) status active, you will simply need to be ordering 80 Business Volume (BV) of a product yourself each month, which you may already be doing — this is equal to $120 of product. AND if you skip a month or two, you won’t lose IBO Status instantly (but you won’t be eligible to collect the commission based on the BV points of your customers). You would have to order nothing for 6 consecutive months to lose IBO Status.

What is Compensation Like?

NOTICE: The part of the plan below that compensates for selling Welcome Packs applies only to the USA and Canada – and in countries that do NOT already have a distribution center.  
Countries in which there is already a distribution center (**see list at bottom of page) have a Standard and Executive Plan for signing up distributors.  
 Contact me for information about signing up in your country.

The Company pays a commission (Business Builders Reward) and the information here is what has been provided for my USA group: For every new customer for whom you place the initial order (Welcome Pack), you get a Business Builders Reward check of $60 from the company. If you’d just like to casually or part-time sell, these commission checks can be quite lovely rewards for sharing MPR with your family and friends, and acquaintances, and you won’t really need to grasp the points system at that level.

Additionally, your customers’ orders will accumulate Business Volume Points in your account, when they choose to receive regular orders (autoshipments), which is encouraged as the best way to get the most benefit from Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice…**but you won’t be able to cash in those points until you’ve sponsored two IBOs to be distributors under you.**

Eventually, when these points reach a particular ratio each month,  the company will send you a check.  As your ratio increases on both “legs” of your business, the amount per month increases. You also get points from anything your sponsored IBOs order and sell (without “taking” it away from them; you both get points), but only in the week they place or are billed for the autoship orders… If you are interested in this aspect, I can show you charts and things that go into more, or put you in touch with those who are assisting me in my endeavors to learn more about the compensation plan and other aspects of the business.

You can also buy purple rice at wholesale in any amount, including cases of purple rice, and then resell at retail prices or wholesale.

As an IBO (Independent Business Owner) you might be able to receive tax deductions for any expenses incurred in promoting your business.

Do I Get a Discount on Products?

If you are currently my customer, you are already receiving the same wholesale pricing that I get as a distributor (almost half of Retail Price) and that will continue to be the discount you receive. Other groups or distributors may choose to mark up the product some by selling at retail prices, and that would be up to you as well, but I am such a fan of these products that I want to get them to as many people as possible, so I don’t mark them up at all — I just make money by collecting commission checks and BV points checks.

How Much Does It Cost To Become An IBO (Distributor)?

  • First—The cost of a Welcome Pack you buy from me – If you’re already my customer, you’ve got that covered!
  • Next– there is a small application fee ($25) that I will pay for you- (offer available for a limited time)
  • Then–your next financial responsibility, is having paid for at least one autoshipment (which can be done at the time you apply for status upgrade, if you are not already on autoship.) If you are already on autoship, you’ve got that covered too!
  •  Finally–Continue to receive monthly autoshipments of at least 80 BV (equivalent to the cost of 2 bottles of Paula’s Purple Rice in powder form .)

There are also several *alternate sign-up options, but, in my opinion, the method above is the best value in the USA, Canada and other countries without distribution centers.  – Contact me   for more information.

Will You Help Me Get Started?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, I would love to get to know more about you and your goals. I can share my experience with you, and together we can determine if it’s a good fit. If you love Paula’s Purple Rice and are excited about sharing it with others, I’m pretty sure you’ll do just fine! 

If you need help or suggestions, I can send you more in-depth information about the plan and links to the company site and information. You are in charge of  sending marketing and educational materials to your customers. I won’t send my contact info to your customers unless you ask that I do. That way, they will not be confused about to whom they should refer their family and friends to buy Micronized Purple Rice. 

I can provide you with “swipe copy” for marketing materials, images, emails, and promotions that I have found to be successful. You can use or adapt them to your style as you see fit. There are also downloadable brochures and documents on the parent company website.

And if a little more explanation is needed outside my “realm of expertise”,  I can also put you in touch with the very helpful people in the main office of my supplier/ parent company who have answered my many questions (and continue to do so) and who might be better at explaining the nuances of the business plan.

Sounds great! How Do I Sign Up??

Just Contact Me Here or on Facebook, and I can give you the information you need.

**Countries (other than USA ) that currently have a distribution center:

2017-09-06 (1)

Canada also has a distribution center

New Zealand no longer has a distribution center.


Executive and Standard Plans

The two plans below allow you to sign up immediately without the purchase of a Welcome Pack. The Compensation above still applies if you reside in the USA.

If you are outside of the USA, the Welcome Pack Plan and Builders Reward may not apply. There is a $50 Builders Reward when you sponsor an IBO who purchases the Executive Plan.

Product availability and prices may vary in other countries.

Executive Plan pic Standard plan pic


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