A few things to help you when ordering:

Welcome Pack – Special Prices ~ 😀distributedbyppr

~Special Price: 2 Bottles – powder  – $130  Plus a 3rd Bottle FREE with your first order! (For 3 bottles, you are actually paying $43.33 per bottle.)

~Special Price: 3 Bottles – powder  – $169   Plus a 4th Bottle FREE with your first order! (For 4 bottles, you are actually paying $42.25 per bottle.)

~Special Price: 4 Bottles – powder  – $225  Plus a 5th  Bottle FREE with your first order! (5 bottles – $45 per bottle.)

               Wholesale Price of 1 Bottle – 30 servings – $80  

                                              Specially priced Welcome Packs available in the USA & Canada only.

Capsules also available to USA addresses only. Same Welcome Pack prices.

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES –  Please CONTACT ME about product availability, ordering and shipping options to your country.

Have ordering questions? I can help! Contact Paula: EMAIL

Shipping and Tax

Your orders will ship UPS from the warehouse, the shipping cost being approximately $8.50-$10, and takes about 4-5 business days, to arrive (not including Sundays or holidays). For many shipments it may be only 1-2 business days.  Any applicable taxes will be applied (some states charge it, some don’t).

The New Customer Welcome Pack includes 3, 4 or 5 bottles of Micronized Purple Rice. After your order is processed, I will email some additional information separately on how to maximize your results with Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice.

If you sign up for Regular/Recurring shipments(monthly or bi-monthly), you can cancel, suspend shipments or change the amount or type of product you receive at any time — no contracts, no commitments, no hassle.


What we have found most successful:

3 bottles can last 3 months if you are taking it once a day, but we recommend the loading dose of 3 times a day for faster results. You will consume 3 bottles in one month on the loading dose.

It does not make sense to start the process and quit without giving yourself a chance to experience improvements. Please be patient. It takes approximately 90 days for cells throughout your body to regenerate. purple-patience-hourglass-images It is suggested to give yourself  3-6 months to experience the best results. Please consider choosing “Regular shipments” on the  2016-09-14 Order Form to keep the process going….

Reduce to 2 bottles a month after you have noticed and maintained improvements. One bottle a month is considered the maintenance dose for continued rejuvenation. Many people vary the amount they take depending on how they feel, or if they experience new stress, or injury in their lives. After over a year and a half, I have seen great improvements but still vary between 1 and 2 bottles per month.

Thank you for your business!

Have a blessed day!

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