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Rebuild – Micronized Brown Rice + Spirulina – Special Promotions & Combos 

2 Brown Rice Powder    $130 forte-image-blank

Nutrition. It is the cornerstone of your health. It can affect how you feel, and determine how you live. Micronized Brown Rice is created from select rice grains from deep within the Siam Valley of Thailand. Harvested at its optimum age using sophisticated proprietary technology, it contains polysaccarides, polypeptides and other essential nutrients.
This select rice formula is then fortified with a natural spirulina powder that is harvested from pristine Pacific Ocean waters, and is a uniques source of trace minerals, B vitamins and other nutrients. Together, this blend provides the necessary energy for cells to accomplish their daily tasks. It’s your life… start Rebuilding it!

Energy – Concentrated Water Catalyst


Energy (4oz bottle) $16.00
Energy (8oz bottle) $26.00
CASE of Energy –  (12) 4oz bottles $160.00
CASE of Energy – (6) 8oz bottles $130.00

A liquid formula made of natural elements, designed to change the surface tension of regular water by serving as a catalyst that transforms normal water into a strong cell-hydrating supplement.
Benefits: Improves the body’s natural processes by helping it deliver nutrients, detoxify cells and increase the oxygen levels in the body. It helps keep the body in optimal condition, giving you more energy, well-being and the hydration you need.

Recharge – Vitamin B-12 Supplementb12_blank

B-12 (30 Tablets) $25.00
B-12 (90 Tablets) $55.00

CASE- 6 boxes(30 tablets each) $125

CASE- 6 BOXES(90 tablets each) $275

This vitamin B-12 supplement was developed using a unique technology that allows it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream in the form of a sublingual tablet.
Benefits: Good for adults of all ages, it helps with memory retention and keeping the nervous system healthy. It helps in the production of red blood cells that give energy and strength to carry out your day-to-day activities.

Fortify – Humic and Fulvic Acid Supplementhfi-blank

30 Capsules    $40.00
90 Capsules    $90.00
180 Capsules $140.00

Humic and Fulvic acid are humic substances formed by the microbial decomposition of dead plant matter. This, over many years, becomes a fertile and rich source of minerals and nutrients that is readily absorbed into the roots of plants. Because of the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, our soil is becoming depleted of humic substances meaning that much of the vegetables we eat today are deficient in vital minerals and nutrients.
This supplement is a humic and fulvic acid dietary supplement with ingredients that are safe and quality oriented. Provide your body with proper maintenance so it will keep performing at its best.

Benefits: helps with the absorption of essential nutrients, strengthens the immune system, helps the body to recuperate, and detoxifies heavy metals and other toxins. helps the body to protect itself from viruses.

Adapt – Anti-Stress Drink

1 box of 35 packets $65.00

CASE of 4 boxes (35 packets each) $195.00

NEW Yakunaah PacketPPRA natural product that contains high quality adaptogens plus antioxidants from three superfruits: Acai berries, California pomegranate and prickly pear from Sonora. A high quality and great tasting drink that can help you “adapt” to changes in your life. Concentrated – drink one or two ounces at a time or add to your favorite beverage or smoothie.
Benefits: An anti-stress supplement that helps counteract the damaging effects of stress, fatigue, pollution and aging to help you reach a mental and physical balance for a longer and healthier life.

 Skin Care Specials

1 Facial Serum, 1 Toner and 1 Cleanser TRIO $150.00


serum-blankFacial Serum(1oz.) $90.00
CASE of Serum (6) $450.00

A Facial Serum that fights the effects of glycation deep within the layers of the skin. Key ingredients make up this unique anti-glycation formula and are combined with our specialized rice. The result: a product that can slow down the aging process and reverse damage to collagen and elastin caused by glycation.
Benefits: works on all skin types including young, mature, male, female, and sensitive skin. It slows down the aging process resulting in skin that is noticeably firmer and healthier with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Now the benefits of rice are helping on the outside too!

Facial Toner (33oz.) $45.00
CASE of Toner (6) $225.00

peptidetoner-blankPeptide Toner is formulated to stimulate, tone and rehydrate your skin after cleansing. Key ingredients include an essential mineral, rich in copper to increase collagen and elastin synthesis, a special botanical blend that helps soothe and moisturize as well as peptides that inhibit the formation of wrinkles and lessen the appearance of deep expression lines.
Benefits: When used daily, your skin will look visibly younger, more supple and more toned. It prepares your skin for the application of your facial serum so that it will be absorbed more efficiently. Peptide Toner and Facial Serum work best together to make a more perfect you.

facialcleanser-blankFacial Cleanser (34oz.) $35.00
CASE of Cleanser (6)   $150.00

A luxurious and creamy cleanser formulated to safely remove dirt, makeup and environmental impurities without removing the natural oils of the skin and cause skin-aging oxidation and irritation. Its gentle ingredients help to attract and lock in moisture and provide a barrier to help keep harmful chemicals out.
Benefits: The use of Facial Cleanser is important for men and women, because it helps to remove excess oil and dirt that your skin accumulated during the day and throughout the night. Your skin will breathe better and be better prepared to get the maximum benefits out of the other steps in your skin care regimen.

Pet Formula Rice Blend

Pet FormulaPet Formula – 60 gr bag $30.00
Pet Formula – 225 gr bag $90.00
Pet Formula – CASE of 60g (12 bags) $300.00
Pet Formula – CASE of 225g (6 bags) $450.00

A version of our exclusive rice mix, specially formulated to enhance the health and needs of all types of animals. It is processed using Bio-Ready technology, which allows essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to be more easily absorbed. Free of pesticides, preservatives and other harmful chemicals.
Benefits: A food supplement for your healthy pets as well as those with health concerns. Provides your pet’s body with the energy it needs to get rid of toxins and residues. Increases energy levels and the performance of your pets, and helps them to recover more rapidly from illness and injury.

FAQ’s About Pet Formula
What types animals can consume the PET FORMULA?
The variety of animals that can safely consume the product is quite large. It is not just limited to dogs and cats. Young, old, small and large animals such as horses and farm animals can also benefit from the product.
What is the proper dosage?
The dosage is based on the weight of the animal. The recommended dosage per day is ¼ teaspoon for every 20 lbs. of the animal’s weight. If the animal, such as a horse or large farm animal, weighs over 100 lbs., the dosage is 2 teaspoons. If the animal is in poor health, the corresponding dose can be given up to 3 time a day.
How is it administered?
The product is to be given orally. It is recommended you mix it with the animals food at mealtime.
What is the difference between the animal supplement and the supplement for humans?
The specific rice combination and the polysaccharide peptides in the PET FORMULA is strictly designed to benefit animals and does not meet the requirements for human consumption.
Are there side effects?
In general, animals easily tolerate foods made from rice. Hardening or softening of feces is rare, but possible, during the first 2 weeks of consumption because the animal’s metabolism takes time to adapt to a new element in their diet. Allergies are also rare.
Should I have a professional recommendation before using the product?
No, it is not necessary to have a veterinarian recommend the product but, of course, consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Partner Products

Hair, Skin, and Nails(30 tablets) $30.00

Maxamin Multivitamin(30 capsules) $25.00

supplements-blankAppetite Control(30 tablets) $25.00

Garcinia & Green Coffee Bean(30 tablets) $25.00

Muscle & Fitness(30 tablets) $25.00






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