Testimonial Tuesday: Neurological Disorder Improves

Sherry and John see improvements in his neurological movement disorder, with help from Micronized Purple Rice. Sherry, 70, and John, 74, were looking for natural health alternatives after he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, which causes tremors and stiffness in the limbs. Their friends, who were also searching for the purest natural health products, … More Testimonial Tuesday: Neurological Disorder Improves

The Best Foods to Support Exercise — and the Worst!

Are you one of those who exercises so you can “eat whatever you want?” How often have you done the quick math of justification, “I can splurge on this cheeseburger because I walked a lot this morning”? Or worse, “… because I’m going to go to the gym this evening.” I know. I’ve done it … More The Best Foods to Support Exercise — and the Worst!