Testimonial Tuesday — Improved Eyesight?

Rebekah M. writes: “I began taking Micronized Purple Rice a couple of years ago, primarily to help with energy levels and recovery from chronic pain and eventually surgery. While I feel it did help with those — especially when I remember to take it regularly — I’m contacting you about something else entirely… I’ve worn … More Testimonial Tuesday — Improved Eyesight?

Is High Blood Pressure Medication Making Me Feel Worse?

As we get older, there is a definite trend towards doctors prescribing more high blood pressure medications. Unfortunately, along with use of more medicines, there are increasing side effects. The medications are making your blood pressure problem better, but while doing this, it may increase other problems within your body. Many people experience side effects … More Is High Blood Pressure Medication Making Me Feel Worse?

Testimonial Tuesday: Perfect Test Numbers

Read Jeffrey’s review of his experience with taking Paula’s Micronized Purple Rice. Brief, but right to the point. Wishing you many more test results like these, Jeffrey! Jeffrey’s Purple Rice Review   These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent … More Testimonial Tuesday: Perfect Test Numbers

Natural Lifestyle Changes for Autoimmune Disease

I was diagnosed several years ago with autoimmune disease that mainly affects my thyroid, joints and occasionally, my skin. I have a wonderful doctor, who tested me for food sensitivities,  which gave me the knowledge of what foods I should be avoiding and which supplements I should be taking. Sticking to the prescribed protocol helped quite a bit, … More Natural Lifestyle Changes for Autoimmune Disease