Testimonial Tuesday — Improved Eyesight?

Rebekah M. writes: “I began taking Micronized Purple Rice a couple of years ago, primarily to help with energy levels and recovery from chronic pain and eventually surgery. While I feel it did help with those — especially when I remember to take it regularly — I’m contacting you about something else entirely… I’ve worn … More Testimonial Tuesday — Improved Eyesight?

Testimonial Tuesday: Neurological Disorder Improves

Sherry and John see improvements in his neurological movement disorder, with help from Micronized Purple Rice. Sherry, 70, and John, 74, were looking for natural health alternatives after he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, which causes tremors and stiffness in the limbs. Their friends, who were also searching for the purest natural health products, … More Testimonial Tuesday: Neurological Disorder Improves

Start eating purple for good health: the science behind 2017’s new food trend

A friend sent this article to me and it is so “up my alley” I had to share it! 🙂  The article is about the most popular purple foods, and the writers saved the best for last – Purple Rice – (sometimes called black rice, which has a purple color when cooked or micronized.) Eating any … More Start eating purple for good health: the science behind 2017’s new food trend

After Ten Months of Paula’s Purple Rice…

Video Update…and….I’ll be doing another update soon! This is the user’s individual experience.  It does not reflect any claims made by the product’s manufacturer or distributor and is not supported by any scientific studies. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, … More After Ten Months of Paula’s Purple Rice…