30-Something Mom Has More Energy with Micronized Purple Rice

Rebekah M. (a thirty-something mom) writes:

“I don’t have any drastic health turnaround stories, but I just want to share that I’ve been taking Micronized Purple Rice for about 3 months now and I wasn’t really noticing much of anything different beyond boosted immunity to winter colds and such… until about 2 weeks ago.


I gradually became aware that I have more energy and day to day routines don’t feel like a mental struggle anymore. And, since I am a baseline healthy, semi-crunchy vegetarian, 30-something small business owner and mom of an active pre-school age child, I didn’t really think I was struggling with exhaustion or health problems. Then, I just noticed that I felt good. Happy. Focused. Capable of handling whatever the day threw at me. I chalked it up to a good night’s rest or a good hair day or hormone fluctuations or the return of warmer weather… But it’s still like that. Two weeks and change later, I’m getting things done on a daily basis that would have made me tired to even think about accomplishing previously. I feel like I have the energy levels I had when I was 27, yet I’ve got way more going on in my life now than I did then. It’s like being handed superpowers. 😀

And do you know what? I wasn’t even taking as much purple rice as is recommended to start because “I’m so healthy already, I don’t really need to do the loading dose…” so I’ve been taking it once a day and sometimes twice. I could smack myself on the nose now, thinking I might have gotten to this point sooner if I’d bothered to take the 3 daily doses and then ramp down. So, if someone out there is taking it and thinking it’s not doing anything, just keep on for at least several months to give it a fair shot. It has been totally worth it.

Oh, right, and one “medical” thing, too — I work with my hands doing design and illustration, and like many other people, I did notice within one month of starting MPR that the occasional soreness and stiffness (maybe beginnings of carpal tunnel) in my right hand and wrist were gone. One of the main reasons I had wanted to try Micronized Purple Rice was that it’s so widely reported to be a natural treatment for inflammation and that proved to be the case for me also.

Thanks so much, Paula’s Purple Rice!!”

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