Aids and Micronized Purple Rice

Rachel P. writes about the amazing health improvements that she attributes to taking Micronized Purple Rice:

“Aside from other ailments, I have been living with AIDS since 1998. Not HIV,  AIDS.

Upon initial diagnosis, I only had 181 T-cells, which led the doctors to believe I’d been carrying the virus for much longer. (Up to 10 years) I share this because in all of that time, my T-cells have never been above 400. They usually hover in the 250 range.

I began purple rice on December 8, 2015. At my check up this month, my T-cells were 711! That’s beyond amazing!

Honestly, everyone who matters in my life knows my diagnosis. Stigma is not an issue for me. Just wanted to share.

Thankful for this product that is enriching and prolonging my life!”

This is an aspect of Purple Rice I hadn’t considered before and I’m curious to know if others have experienced similar results and what might be medically taking place to cause this awesome turnaround… Regardless of the reason, I am very happy that Rachel is feeling better and living healthier!



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