Amber L.- Lupus Pain Reduced, Energy Gained!

Lupus isAmber L. I have Lupus, I have been on PR for 3 weeks now. After working in my garden for 9 hours, including running the rototiller, I do not have a single ache or pain as I usually would only be able to do max an hour of weeding or planting before I was exhausted! Running the tiller has always caused me severe wrist joint pain.. Today, NONE!! I haven’t had labs done to see the improvement there but I do know I feel GREAT and have so much more energy!

Frayne R.: I started PR just a year ago, understanding that it would take longer for me to see results as I was severely debilitated with Lupus, and fractures of multiple vertebrae. I have seen some real changes, I sleep 7-8 hours a night, with no sleeping pills, my fractures have healed and there has been no new occurrences, my hair has grown in again as well as my eyebrows. My blood pressure has not changed and I still have trouble reducing the meds which cause most of the damage to my bones and joints. But, I am able to take Pilates classes 2 times a week and water Arthritis exercises 2 times a week. Oh, at my last teeth cleaning, hygienist said no stain and less plaque! I think I am doing very well, from were I was a year ago.












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