Anita G.’s Cravings decrease, Husband Gets Support Recovering from Cancer Treatment and Flu

Hello, and good day. I started the PR two weeks ago. The first think I observed was a decrease in my cravings for snacks and sweets. I like the taste, it reminds me of cream of wheat. I have found mixing the PR in slightly warm water and drinking thru a straw works best. No wasted residue on the glass.

As for my husband, he began the PR at the same time as I did. A little history here. He is diabetic and he was diagnosed with large B cell lymphoma in the central nervous system in his brain last January. It was devastating to his body. After 8 months of chemo they had to suspend as the chemo began injuring his brain as well. He was supposed to have received 12 months of chemo. He still struggles with balance and walking. He wobbles and had graduated from walker and cane but his PT wants him to go back to using a walker. His diabetes worsened as the chemo was delivered in a glucose base so now he uses insulin.

A week into PR he succumbed to Influenza A. The first three days were so bad he lost all ability to walk.

When his primary physician saw him on the morning of day three, he advised him to go to the hospital, I agreed to take him if he got any worse in any way. He was given Tamiflu which he started immediately, returned home to bed where he spent the rest of the day as directed. I could barely help him with a walker and wheel chair. The next morning, my husband got out of bed and began walking around better than any point since the cancer set in. He also was amazingly better with the flu that lasts two weeks. Tired easily, absolutely. We went in for his scheduled brain scan and saw his neurologist on day 7 of the flu (yesterday) and she agreed that his walking was showing more improvement than previously noted. He is still cancer free! Two days before he came down with the flu, his physical therapy team recommend we take him to a neurological physical therapy specialist because he was worsening and they didn’t feel they could help him any further. I was beginning to stress that the cancer was back. We have made the arrangements.

This is where we are at the end of week two. Observations only, but greatly encouraged as things go. I just read that a few short weeks of chemo ages the body ten years. Our hope in starting the PR program was to aid my husband in building stamina he had lost with the chemo.



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