Carmen B. -Already Feeling Better

From Carmen, in my private group, The Villages Purple Rice:
“I know I said I would wait [to report] but I must report: My fasting blood sugar has dropped. It had been 230ish but this morning it was 110. Yesterday it was 103. I think something is happening. Hurrah!!”

Update: after almost 2 weeks of using the MPR. Can’t say that I have seen a lot of results but it’s probably my fault. I have not been able to get myself up to drinking 1/2 my body weight [in ounces] of water but I am working towards it. Still waking up every couple of hours to use the bathroom but I am able to go back to sleep. I do feel more rested so something is working. One thing I have noticed: My fingernails are much stronger. They are not peeling or breaking off. That alone makes me happy. Will keep you updated.

Yet another Update 🙂 : from Carmen   “Everyone around me is sniffing & coughing but not me. I filled my prescription for my inhaler but I haven’t needed it. Hurrah!!! Still sleeping better & feeling more rested when I get up.”

Latest Update: 

Another glowing testimony!!! I had a total knee replacement last year and was beginning to really regret having it. The muscles in my leg were tightening up & my leg was very stiff and weak. When flexing my foot I would get cramps in my leg. Had my knee X-rayed and the doctor said it was healing fine, that I just had to adapt to the mechanical feeling, that it would never feel like a normal knee. I requested to go back the physical therapy. I’ve been back in therapy for two weeks. When I first went my knee was very stiff, I could hardly bend it and could barely ride the recumbent bike for more than three minutes. Now, two weeks later, I can ride for 15 minutes. I am also doing exercises that require standing & knee bends. My therapist is very pleased and amazed with my rapid progress. Today she told me that she’s noticed that my energy & endurance levels have greatly increased, that my entire demeanor has changed and that she noticed a change in the brightness & smoothness of my skin. She also mentioned how my hair has grown in length & thickness. I had been wearing braids and attributed my growth to them because I was keeping heat out of my hair. Last week I told her about the MPR. Today she asked me if I thought my hair growth & increased energy was due to MPR. I hadn’t thought of it but I believe she is correct. My hair has never grown like it’s doing now. She asked for information about the MPR, she is very interested in trying it. Paula, I believe you will have a new customer. I just gave her the website. By the way, the mechanical feeling in my knee has greatly diminished.




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