Cynthia Says “Just Try It!”-Feeling Great after Having a Pulmonary Embolism,Blood Clots, and High Blood Pressure

I am [first] posting about my mom…She started her Purple Rice journey on Sunday a.m. and called me today, all excited…Said she couldn’t wait to tell me this…She said…(and I quote)…”I’ve got a burst of energy that is just amazing!” I’ve cleaned my bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, changed and laundered my sheets and another load of clothes. Folded and put them all away. Picked up some limbs out of the yard…and taken out the recycling! “I have not felt this good in *I Don’t Know When*!” Now that was lunch time! Well mom is well into her 70’s and as you know, we recently lost dad…(her sweetheart of almost 60 years); so she has been slowly doing “all the stuff” that goes along with that. She took care of him at home for the past 3 years; and had the master bedroom transformed for his hospital bed, chair, supplies, etc. (Oh how I wish I’d known about the rice before his illness!) She has recently moved back in the master, and was today talking about also taking down those drapes and having them cleaned. I asked her to please not overdo it, and to save some work for another day 🙂  I made her promise me she would wait until she has some help for that task! Can’t have her climbing, falling, or breaking any bones…Shes’ fairly healthy, but she really wore her body down taking care of dad around the clock. I wanted her to get the rice for the arthritis that has set in from that; but man…I never expected her to feel this good this soon! MPR amazes me yet again!

2016-05-15UPDATE: Its me again! I’m sorry my posts are always so long, but I try to tell the whole story, so everyone will get an idea of, and know how awesome MPR really is and what it’s doing for our bodies!  I am just getting over a wicked upper respiratory virus, that I am prone to.
My back story: I had blood clots in my lungs in ’07; and it was significant! Every doctor who came into my room told me I should not have survived! Major rips and tears damaged my lungs from the weight of the clots. Now fast forward…even though I look healthy…any type of smoke, scents and odors, air pollutants, etc wreaks havoc on my lungs. They burn and my breathing is hampered, etc. OK, so it usually takes me 3 weeks to get over this illness…and when I had it last year, the doctor prescribed 2 drugs, 1 antibiotic, and a cough med; and it still took me 2 1/2 weeks to get back on my feet. This time, I fought it with all natural remedies and I’m back on my feet in just 5 days! At first I thought to myself…”Self, I can’t believe I’m getting sick; I’ve been on the MPR for a month now!” Then I had a moment of clarity [another benefit of the MPR]; and I said to myself, “Now you know your body has taken its damage over the course of…. Ahem…”40-something” years! MPR can’t heal your cells overnight…be real! After I had that little talk with myself, I then decided because I’m on the MPR, that I am believing to heal myself by natural means, and that it would not take as long this time for me to get better. Well, here we are! I feel like a fresh breeze is blowing thru me…No drug “hangover”! No buying probiotics to counter-balance the antibiotic! No leftovers…! I “know” without a doubt that it’s because of the micronized purple rice! I so-o-o wish everyone I know could experience this incredible whole food! Our health is all we have. Nothing else is as significant as our health! Many say they think the rice is too expensive? OK, Well…have you checked the price tag of a heart attack lately?! [or any major illness for that matter].
The heirloom purple rice from Thailand is made from only the heart of the purple rice, and not from the hull where the starch is. It takes 60 pounds to make one pound of MPR. Also it is grown in an untouched and preserved region, free of GMOs; and each batch is tested 4 times for purity. The farm is so pure they don’t even allow trucks to come in to transport the rice out. They hand carry it to the outer gate for distribution. GMOs are a big part of why grains today are causing so many autoimmune and other problems for people.[MPR is NON-GMO] MPR helps your body have less inflammation, because it goes directly into the heart [mitochondria] or inner cells to recharge them from the inside out.

When you begin to feel the clarity and sense of well being, its because of the ATP energy caused by this regenerating process. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves from  dis-ease, if given the proper nutrients…MPR is that nutrient.

When my mom called to tell me she couldn’t remember when she felt this good…I was fully convinced. Good living, clean diet, and minor exercise will only enhance the effects. Please try Micronized Purple Rice…just try it.


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