Debby D.-Used Purple Rice Paste on Canker Sores; Good Report on Blood Work

“I’ve been gone for a bit. While I was gone, I had one of those nasty canker sores. I kept dabbing dry MPR on it. The next day it was gone. Cool huh? While I was gone I had my blood work done. I am terrified of needles but it had to be done. The pain I feel from the needle and the terrible bruising afterwards. Yikes……But this time I barely felt the needle and no bruising in the slightest. As far as the results from the blood work? Good news, not too good news. My HDL went from 42 last year to 44 this year. It’s getting better. My LDL, not so much. I went from 133 last year to 165 this year. Needs work. BUT NOW FOR THE GREAT NEWS…MY TRIGLYCERIDES WENT FROM 279 LAST YEAR, DOWN TO 169 THIS YEAR! IT WENT DOWN 110 POINTS. That’s terrific for me. I joined a health spa in Late Jan. where I walk in a lazy river. I put in an average of 8000 steps and go at 3-4 times a week. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far. I expect along with my water exercise and purple rice, my numbers will be better yet next year. I sure love my purple rice.” 




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