Gloria S. -Arthritis and Vision Improved!

I want to share a testimony of Purple Rice. It will be 11 months since I started taking purple rice. I noticed right away Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammation started to go. I could sleep completely at night. I was diagnosed Diabetic 21 years ago.  My doctor has me on record OUT OF CONTROL.  I am presently in Guadalajara Mexico to stay with my mom for 5 months and 4 times I would wake up feeling weird and sugar was 53 or 72 or 65. I am not a Vegan I eat regular food. I know because I eat regular food my treatment will take longer. Well 2 years ago my eye specialist said I have a little cataract showing and last year I got a black curly line in my eye that hasn’t left. I was told I was possibly starting glaucoma and pressure of my eye was high. I got depressed. Well today I heard of a great eye specialist here in Mexico he checked my eyes and he said your eyes are so healthy. That for me is a confirmation the Purple Rice is helping my eyes. In September I will get lab work done for AC1 and low platelets cholesterol protein in urine. I am a firm believer in Purple Rice! I believe that Purple Rice is helping me feel better.


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