Help For Dog With Cancer

A testimonial from my private group-The Villages Purple Rice , so names are shortened or anonymous when I post from there:

Brenda: “Here’s a little testimony. My sister has a dog who is only about eight or nine years old. He was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Lymphoma. The vet said nothing could be done except chemo and she refuses to put him through that. I don’t blame her. He’s still got a lot of zest for life in him. He had been panting very hard to the point where his breathing seemed laborious. I told her about the PR and that maybe it could help. Suggested she give him a Popsicle twice a day with the PR. He no longer is panting all night long! I’m hoping it is the PR. She is happy with the results.
Like I said, I hope this is an accurate testimony. I’ve waited to say anything, just in case he went back to the panting. But as of now, he hasn’t.
I’m thinking about putting my dogs on it, as one of them has allergies really bad. Both have had one seizure, the other has had two. I know the PR can’t hurt, so I’m willing to give it a go.
Plus, some of my blood work isn’t good, so I know the PR can’t hurt. Paula, I will be ordering from you again. Love ya, girl.”





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