Kate E.-Slow Start, Now Feeling Great!

Good Morning! Well, I thought it was time to UPDATE my status. I began using this amazing PR 11/04/2015. After reading the testimonials and, I have to admit, being a bit skeptical…..I decided to give it a try….what could it hurt, right ???

My first labs after a month on PR were surprisingly dismal. I was discouraged, but then more determined as I read that it takes TIME for the rice to work – first where it is needed most! So I stuck with it!! I will have new blood work drawn on 06/01/2016 – so I am unsure of my blood levels, BUT, my doctor (how love her) is using more and more integrative and functional medicine in her practice! I am going to share my PR info with her!!

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment I began to simply “feel” better … it was slow and gradual for me. I sleep through the night more and more often; although, I do still have an occasional “night my brain won’t rest.” Let me say that the last 4 months have been an emotionally difficult time for me …YET, was able to wean off the anti-depressant without side effects! My hair is thicker, stronger and growing faster than ever before! Other changes in my life include less red meat, more fish and veggies. I actually became CERTIFIED in an exercise program, as well!! Playing with the grands has been a joy….crawling around acting silly must help keep us young…….as my grandson said “Oma you are not OLD!” So, while I do not have blood work results to report – I know ME and I know that PR is working for ME!!

Please, those of you who are skeptics or are going to give it up thinking it is not “working”…believe me – it IS working where it is needed most!! God’s love to all!!!



Me in L.A. last week being “silly” with grandson!


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