Kelly Q. Gets Relief from Rhematoid Arthritis and Knee Pain

 Hi Everyone! My name is Kelly and I’ve been taking the purple rice for two weeks and wanted to give a brief testimonial. I’ve been diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthritis and over a month ago I had a flare-up that left me pretty much bedridden and barely walking on a walker as my knees are the main culprit with this disease. I was feeling very sick and high on painkillers.

About three days after starting the MPR I stopped taking my pain meds. The swelling in my ankles have diminished, I have way more energy as before I was taking at least one nap a day. The pain in my knees have dismissed at least 30% and it gets less and less everyday. I’m still on the walker but have been able to take a few steps without holding on( very exciting).

I look forward to what life might be like in 3 months.





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