Linda’s Battle With Brain Cancer

I have a saga to share. Fasten your seat belts!!
On June 26th 2015….12106723_10207713043207128_8858006132157313290_n

..I was in a horrible car accident. Long story short.. I ended up in the hospital. Back broken, black and blue, twisted ankles, torn up and battered, hurting, dazed and beyond confused… As I was driving a voice came from nowhere and yelled at me to ” PULL OVER NOW!!! Or you will die!!!” The only reason I didn’t die that day was because of this voice.. I slowed down enough to not completely flip, crash and burn. I blacked out and landed compressed in a ditch. I had a brain seizure ..It took an intervention from The Universe, a voice from God and a broken body to get my attention and to alert me to the cancer growing and invading my body. Yes.. Cancer.. I had no idea..

The hospital was a blur. After three days I left with a broken body and a diagnosis of stage four melanoma .. that had spread to my brain. I was stunned. They had nothing for me..
I ran to UCSF and after another week of tests and luck I was placed on a cutting edge trial for the treatment of melanoma that had spread to the brain. No cutting, no radiation, no gamma knife.. Just turning on your T Cells to kill the cancer. Three infusions in 12 weeks.. To be placed into this study you must be ” unremarkable ” and ” healthy” .. Which I most certainly am/was..I also have an ” active ” immune system that just needed to be ” unblocked ” so my body could heal.. Now.. Here’s the miracle.. First of all, I’ve been taking the micronized purple rice since Easter. I never stopped taking it throughout my treatment and I feel so strongly that *MPR(micronized purple rice) supported my body in ways that I can’t even explain..
Let me go back a bit…this trial is no picnic. It was a 12 week trial with two different drugs that come with a laundry list of side effects.. One being.. ” death “.. The study only picks people with all the right components because they want the best results. There were 9 people in this study at UCSF on this drug combo..I became their poster girl.. I never flinched from being a part of this trial.. Never! I embraced it..So, I went full blast into this new era of cancer treatment letting the doctors do their thing and letting me do mine! I brought together all of my alternative healing methods to the battle with me! MPR is just one but I feel has played a huge role in supporting my system throughout this journey. I never suffered from the debilitating side effects and I know MPR played a huge role in that. As a matter of fact.. I’m blown away by it.
Anyway.. On Aug 20th I had my first set of scans to see if the cancer was shrinking.. Not only was it shrinking but it was a remarkable result! However.. I still had another 6 weeks to go and more cancer to conquer!! I bumped up my MPR and other alternative support and never felt ” sick ” or what I’d think a person with Stage 4 cancer should be or feel.. Instead.. I was back to work.. My broken back had healed and I was feeling stronger and more determined to LIVE than ever before.. I had more than hope.. I had inner knowledge and divine intervention on my side!!

Otherwise.. WHY didn’t I just die in that car crash??? I honestly believe that there is another purpose for me.. God, The Universe, my spirit spoke to me that day on June 26th and saved me from myself.. Opened my heart and soul to the next chapter of my life. Telling this story is going to change the face of cancer and I’m living proof.
On Oct 1st I had my final scans and the cancer is gone.. Or” resolved ” as the doctors like to say..
The drug I was on was approved by the FDA also on Oct 1st as well.. On the same day I finished my part in the trial..No accidents..
I am the ONLY person.. On the planet.. On this trial.. Who has done this.
For the next three months I go on a single back up drug infusion twice a month that is tolerated very well by the body.. Then more scans to double check …and as my doctor says…” get ready for your close up and get a retirement account” Because.. I’m going to LIVE!!! And Micronized Purple Rice will be in my life every day that I continue to walk upon this earth.

1919026_10208223527008904_7603541379082907271_nLinda : 6 MONTHS SCAN TODAY:. Jedi Warrior shot taken in Sedona 3 weeks ago.. Scans show 100% clear of any brain cancer or cancer in my lymph.. Everything is normal!!! I feel great! Immune therapy has saved my life along with alternative methods and good nutrition.. Happy New Year!!! Win those battles and do it with GRACE!!!!





March: Here’s my follow up.. I’m still on the trial and instead of two infusions I’m down to one infusion of the most tolerated drug twice a month. My last scans still show zero evidence of cancer. My blood work is ” paper perfect”.. My back and body are almost back to 100%. I’m back in yoga, dancing, hiking, riding my bike, full time work.. I feel like I had a bad dream.. And now it’s over.. I’ll be on the trial for another 6 months .. More and more people are experiencing great results from immune therapy .. At the same time.. Every time I walk into an infusion center I see so many people who are fighting and dealing with the horrible side effects of chemo, radiation and surgery.. I’m humbled by these people.. I look like the picture of health.. I must confuse many.. But I’m the future…

April :

I’m still here! Scans are all still clear and blood work is perfection! I have another six months to go on the PD-1 immune therapy infusions.. Then??? I’m thinking a raw food retreat in Ecuador to detox, be in nature, surf and finally write those books running around in my head!!! Gotta do my cookbook and this cancer journey needs an audience as well. Mixing the cutting edge immune therapy with alternative healing.. A new recipe for healing cancer? Could be a book in that!! Hugs and love to all!!


May:  Getting ready for my close up. Tomorrow I’m being honored with The Courage Award from The Wings of Hope Foundation in SF .. This award represents so much. My journey.. My courage to crush cancer and to open my heart to those who are also on this path.. I wanted to let you all know that I’m still cancer free and thank you all for your attention and prayers. This past Sunday the New York Times posted an online article on Sunday about my cancer journey.. There is so much healing and good work going on. Light to all!!

June 26. A year ago.. I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, a broken back and a very bleak prognosis.. Today.. My hubby and I celebrate the incredible work at UCSF and my healing adventure. Today.. No tears… Just joy!!! Thank you for all of your support, well wishes and prayers.. Let the new doors open!!


I have to say to all of you on this healing path.. There is more to healing than just taking a supplement .. Micronized Purple Rice is only part of another picture.. The healing takes time, patience, an open heart to possibility and a dedication that becomes paramount in your life! We all want a simple fix… My advice is to go deep.. Find the systemic reasons for your dis-ease.. Then crush it!!

Micronized Purple Rice is a wonderful tool .. It got me ready for the trial.. I’m sure of it!








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