Macular Degeneration

Barbra M.-  sent this story in about her husbands Wet Macular Degeneration.

“I’d been following on Facebook for sometime. I was looking at it [Micronized Purple Rice] for myself. – Over a year ago my Husband woke up and his vision was blurred and with what turned out to be Wet Macular Degeneration. It was sudden and fierce. He lost his peripheral vision. His life, or our life changed dramatically that day. Monthly he has had to endure 2 injections in each eye. A painful traumatic ordeal. In November he decided he was done with treatment, it was not helping at all the bleeding was getting worse, he gave up. I couldn’t argue with him, I thought of him as a very brave man putting up with the shots as long as he did. I started to recall somewhere in the many post of site about helping vision, so I thought what the heck…….I’m gonna order it and have him try it.
In Dec we went to the Retina Specialist he did the routine exams and we saw the bleeds and abnormal cells and tissues looking as mean and nasty as always. When the Dr prepared to give the injections my husband said “no more”. The Dr was shocked and warned him he will “not get better, there is no cure”………on our way home I asked him to consider Micronized Purple Rice Powder, gave him the information and we discussed trying. Honestly I didn’t put much hope on it, but we agreed to try for 6 weeks return to Dr and if no better he’d resume treatment. He continued to take the recommended Vitamin, but on 12/4/16 he started Micronized Purple Rice, twice a day. He started telling me he was seeing better and I noticed after about ten days his eyes were not as sensitive, nor were they tearing. He claimed his vision was improving. I didn’t believe him. I felt he was grabbing at straws, and said the tests will tell us.

Yesterday was his follow up appointment…….Pictures and tests done. We waited for the Dr. He came in and looked at pictures and said “Hang on these are not your pictures.” and left the room…..his tech came in and double checked computer and said “yes they are”……without telling us why he had the pictures redone……the Dr turned to us and said, “Sir you have absolutely no bleeds the inflammation is gone, you’ve improved!” Now, we are seeing a top specialist at a teaching University in Northern California, this man told us NOTHING could be done BUT injections to keep it at bay. We told him about Purple Rice, The DR conducts studies on MG and my husband’s case was so far gone he didn’t qualify for any case study on WMD. I must tell you the Dr was speechless. no lie…….we were beaming. He’d never seen such an advanced case with such improvement.

Now don’t get me wrong he is still legally blind the damage is done, however the bleeds and swelling are gone. The Dr is so intrigued he called us last night to get more info, and I told him I’d bring the information on our next appointment in 6 weeks, he asked for it asap, so I agreed to meet one of his nurses who lives near me to get him the info today. We emphasize absolutely nothing has changed in my husband’s life EXCEPT 2 doses a day of  Micronized Purple Rice. I’m a believer and hope to try myself to see if it will help me. Thanks so much for this great product. ”



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