Marga is amazed at her quick results.

Marga P: “I don’t remember the exact date I started the MPR, but so far, so good!
I swear my vision has improved, and I feel as though inflammation is being dealt with. I’m moving more freely. This is amazing! I can’t wait to see what else happens.
Have a great day!”

Update 5/26/2016:  Marga just started a new, more physically demanding job: “Right now, we are building up the store… placing product on shelves, etc. Our open house is at the end of June… A LOT of squatting, reaching, etc…. I have had a sit down job for the last two years, so I should be sore, but I’m not! I can’t help but wonder if it’s because of the MPR…. I went to my chiropractor today… He said my back was better than the last time I went. MPR?” My answer: “That’s how it affected me. I think it is MPR!” (Micronized Purple Rice) We have the most mitochondria in our muscles, heart and brain, so it only makes sense that when the mitochondria in the muscles start “slurping up” the nutrients they have been looking for (Paula’s Purple Rice), muscle recovery from exertion is a lot quicker. 

Update 10/2016: It just occurred to me that I haven’t had any seasonal allergy issues since eating purple rice.

Update 10/2016: I honestly think my grey hair is reversing! I can’t wait to see how it looks in a couple months.




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