Micronized Purple Rice in Feeding Tubes Helps Loved Ones Assimilate Nutrients


Exactly two weeks ago, I started giving my husband the purple rice. He had an aneurysm/stroke and has not recovered fully. He cannot walk alone because of balance and coordination. He is on a feeding tube, because he refuses to eat. He does not remember what happened an hour ago. Those are just some of his symptoms.. So I have been cautiously watching for changes since he started on the rice. Although I could not see anything, I have been encouraged by the postings of others. However, for the past two days I have seen some changes that I just had to share. Most of the time he sleeps, whether lying in bed or sitting in a chair. Yesterday, he seemed mentally alert and awake for longer periods of time. His physical therapist even commented on it. Today when I came home he told me he had a visitor, and even told me who it was. I asked the nurse and she said he was right. It was difficult for me to hold back the tears of joy. Although these may seem like small changes, I am taking it to mean that the rice is working slowly but surely!!

Teena:  I use Purple Rice and give it to my 9 year old grandson with Autism and sensory oral aversion…..eats nothing by mouth and only have nutrition by g-tube feedings,.,,,,3 bolus meals in the day and an 6 hour run at night . We will see what they find when he has his next endoscope in June for his Esinophilic Esophagitis. Praying. He looks as healthy as a horse and is becoming less sensory overstimulated.

Update from Teena 

Woo hoo!…..My grandson has been on Purple Rice for 6 months. He had an endoscope today, which is normally very traumatic for him as a 9 year old with High Functioning Autism. Purple rice is really helping his esophageal issues.

Teena: Here is my daughters post: “GOOD NEWS: As far as we can tell from the endoscope: there are no esenophilads present!!! Which means that his EoE should be under control now. There was one spot the doctor did take a biopsy of (thinking it is from reflux) and depending on what it shows we may have to be referred out. We tried a different approach to things this time and he came out of the anesthesia a lot better than usual. “

P.S. I am believing whatever the “spot” is will just be another testimony of the healing power of our bodies, when it gets the nutrition it needs…..and Purple Rice is getting that nutrition into the cells. David (my grandson) does not eat by mouth, but is only fed by g-tube 3 meals a day and a long run of the night on the pump. He has done this now for 4 years.”



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