MPR Testimonials

See what real people have to say about how Micronized Purple Rice has helped them!


Jeffrey B. — Perfect Test Numbers!

Paula R. – Frozen shoulder, Torn rotator cuff, Fibromyalgia

Inge F.- Arthritis pain less; Feeling better after back surgery

Macular Degeneration

Neurological Movement Disorder Improvements

Our Purple Rice Miracle~Pain Almost Zero; Energy & Romance “Through the Roof”

30-Something Mom Has More Energy with Micronized Purple Rice

Micronized Purple Rice and Chemo

Micronized Purple Rice in Feeding Tubes Helps Loved Ones Assimilate Nutrients

Jeanne L.-Cholesterol and Thyroid Improved

Laura D.-Relief from Back and Foot Pain; Skin Improved!

Kate E.-Slow Start, Now Feeling Great!

Linda’s Battle With Brain Cancer

Artist Arrachme: The Story of Her Recovery from a Devastating Stroke-like Experience

Pat S.-Blood Pressure Coming Down and Recovering From Illness

Cynthia Says, “Just try it!”

Aids and Micronized Purple Rice

Fibromyalgia Pain Decreased

DiAnn Gets Relief From Severe Eczema

Severe Burns Healed Faster

Help for Dog with Cancer

Carmen B. – Already Feeling Better

Carmen B.: Blood Sugar Levels Already Improving!

Linda F. – Brother-in-Law With Feels Alive Again!

Marcia A.-Legs Not Feeling So Restless!

Jan Martin’s Lab Work Numbers Are Great!

Gloria S. -Arthritis and Vision Improved!

Pat Z.- Fibro Patient Has Less Pain

Dorothy’s Dental Condition Improves!

Varicose Veins Improve. Jan S. is Surprised!

Nadya S.

Nancy D. My cat is now doing well.

Carol H. – Results with MPR for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Marga is amazed at her quick results.

Kelly Q. Gets Relief from Rhematoid Arthritis and Knee Pain

Tamara B. Gets Improvements for Digestive Issues, Pain and Stiffness From Injury

Lupus and Fibromyalgia Improvements

Amber Lynn: Lupus pain reduced, energy gained!

Patti M. – Perfect Cholesterol Test Results

Judy D.

Debby D.-Used Purple Rice Paste on Canker Sores; Good Report on Blood Work

White Blood Cell Count Increased Before Starting Chemo

Rose K. – Husband’s Tests Two Markers Better

Fran P.

Viki S.

Jennifer M. – Two Week Testimonial

Ten year old dog gets pain relief with micronized purple rice

Anita G.’s cravings decrease, Husband gets help recovering from cancer treatment and flu

Karen’s Diabetic Husband Recovers from Liver and Kidney Failure; She Gets Lower Cholesterol

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