Neurological Movement Disorder Improvements


Sherry and John see improvements in his neurological movement disorder, with help from Micronized Purple Rice.

Sherry, 70, and John, 74, were looking for natural health alternatives after he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, which causes tremors and stiffness in the limbs.

Their friends, who were also searching for the purest natural health products, told them about Micronized Purple Rice. Their friends had had great results with MPR, so they decided to try it, too.

Even with a progressive neurological disorder, John has had great results. In the past he needed extra help with daily tasks like dressing, but now he is managing more and more by himself. He can stay up later at night is sleeping more soundly and taking less medications which had unpleasant side effects. John is also able to help with chores around the house, that before, he was to tired to do.

Sherry says she, being in better health to begin with, hasn’t notice any major changes, but is noticing more energy without the late afternoon “slump”.