Monica’s Ten year old dog gets pain relief with micronized purple rice

Monica D writes:

My daughter’s 10 yr old pure bred Husksdore (Mom’s a pure bred lab and dad a pure bred Husky) was playing in the front yard with his buddy Bear. All of a sudden my daughter heard poor Henry yelp in pain! She ran outside and Henry was lying on the ground with Bear at his side. Henry tried to get up but the poor guy kept yelping in pain. They took him to the vet and found out he could have a costly surgery or a prescription for some pain meds. They took Henry home where for the next few weeks he barely ate as it was too painful to get to his food. I brought over a jar of Purple Rice. My daughter called about 2-3 weeks later – the whole neighborhood was in amazement- Henry was back on daily walks and running around with my grandson like he was a puppy again!! Both Henry and my grandson are a happy twosome once again!! His buddy Bear is happy too!!!

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