Varicose Veins Improve. Jan S. is Surprised!

My husband, Andy, and I got to visit with his brother and my beautiful, sweet sister-in-law last week. She and my husband’s brother have been on Paula’s Purple Rice for several months. We live in different states so we don’t get to see each other much. However, I have been noticing her photos and the photos of my other sweet sister-in-law (whose “purple rice news” I’ll be posting later)…Both of them look brighter, and more youthful in their photos…During the visit my husband, Andy, was talking with them about purple rice, and what changes we’ve noticed in our lives and in theirs, and my sister-in-law, Jan S. (BOTH of my Sisters-in-law are named Jan. Confusing?Yes, but we’re used to it.) :)….Anyway, Jan S. was saying, “I do have some varicose veins on this leg and I’m waiting…Wait! I don’t see them!”
I also made the comment to Andy, that his brother’s complexion and skin was looking more even (less rosacea) and youthful and he seemed more energetic. 🙂
Paula’s Purple Rice works on the cells from the inside out, and the outside in! We don’t always notice what it is doing, because we are so accustomed to having our “issues” we don’t re-evaluate consistently. We just know that we are able to enjoy life more and better handle the stress of life. I’m thinking we should all write down every little health issue we have and go over the list occasionally to see if anything there has improved without our immediate notice.
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